14 Flicks in 14 Days

It’s a countdown to love, here at Art is of Words; and what a better way to do so than by having a marathon of (shall we say) epic proportions (see definition one of “epic” by clicking here).
In all seriousness, another year has come that we all will talk about how much we hate Valentine’s Day for the weeks preceding the big day, only to then all turn on our own words and either do something traditional and romantic with our loved ones, or cry excessively about how nobody loves us.  It seems to be born into us – the need to be loved, and the need to express it on this most holiest of Hallmark holidays.
Of course, if any of us took the time to truly read in to Saint Valentine and his plight for the Church during the 3rd century, we may be less inclined to spend a night celebrating and making it by the fireplace.  For decades, commentators and satirists have touched on the subject, including the ever-famous Op Ed purportedly written by Saint Valentine (himself) published two years ago on V-Day by The Onion.  Of course, we all know that the very, same people publishing those commentaries stopped by the traveling florist’s cart on the way home from work and wooed their significant others with flowers and chocolates, just like everybody else – but that is (of course) a whole other blog altogether. 
All sarcasm aside, I’ve received one complaint now that my blog is becoming too “emo” and “depressing” – in my book, this is one, too many.  Now while I can only stave off my natural tendency to look at the world pseudo-pessimistically, I have decided to try and liven things up for a while by celebrating this countdown to another year of romance and cards the size of my head with a countdown of my own.  
Every day from February 1st until the big day of dreams and delight, I will watch and review a crummy, hackneyed romance flick.  Some I may have seen already and have just been dying to review; others I will be drudging through for the first time.  The list is one I would never wish on anyone; yet must be endured if for no reason other than to remind us the disastrous possibilities that VD can lead to.  Hopefully, by the time we hit this Valentine’s Day, we’ll be in a better position to celebrate with care.

 14 Flicks in 14 Days

Feb 1 When in Rome
Feb 2 Dirty Love
Feb 3 Revenge of the Bridesmaids
Feb 4 Hot Times At Montclair High
Feb 5 Bounty Hunter
Feb 6 Dear John
Feb 7 The Truth About Cats and Dogs
Feb 8 Nine Months
Feb 9 You’re So Cupid
Feb 10 Sweet Home Alabama
Feb 11 Maid in Manhattan
Feb 12 The Proposal
Feb 13 Chaos Theory
Feb 14 National Lampoon’s Adam and Eve

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