The origins of mankind trace back millions of years.  Millions.  Since the Industrial Revolution, the world population has boomed exponentially.  Today, it is estimated that nearly every minute, another human being is brought into this world.  So for all of you birthers out there, it’s time that you accept a truly undeniable fact:

You are not the first person on this planet to have a baby.

In recent years, the common-place practice of women in my age bracket (shall we say ‘around 30’) seems to be to act as if each and every one of them is inventing something new by bringing a child into this world.  Be it blogging about their experiences (as if there aren’t 10,000 other blogs out there devoted to the same, exact thing), acting as if no one understands, or refusing to accept that anyone else could have experienced the same thing in the past, and thus may know a little about what is going on, women everywhere are making themselves ever-more obnoxious by denying that their peers in gender have been bearing and raising children for centuries; wait, no, that’s right – millenia.

Ladies (and in some cases, your effeminate husbands):  everything that has happened to you has happened to someone else, at least once.  While every situation is unique, it is only so by virtue of the unique combination of things that goes on; all of which, though, have (individually) happened to others for countless years.  I hate to break this news to you, but in child rearing, there really is no stone left unturned.

As I continue on, further down that ‘around 30’ age bracket, more of my friends are having babies, adopting children, and finding themselves in a position to choose between being an informed, educated mother that relies on the wisdom of her predecessors to guide her in doing what has already been done before; or, by contrast, to deny in the face of the truth that she is not among peers, but in a position beyond what anyone else could ever comprehend or empathize.  To the latter, I think it is time to get over yourselves.


  1. Brilliant. You have written the words I have thought and spoken to my own mother, who also concurs. I am a mother of two children, and I am not unique, nor are my children’s problems or my challenges. This phenomenon is another example of a self-centeredness and feeling of entitlement that I fight against everyday – in others I encounter and any time I see it creeping up in me.

    • Thanks for the comment! I suppose it could be argued that each person doing this is just trying to mark it as something very special to them; which parenthood most certainly is. But I think there is a fine line between marking it as special to *you* and, on the contrary, placing yourself at the center of the universe, and acting as if you are the first to experience anything related to childbirth and raising kids. The self-centeredness and sense of entitlement which seems to have taken over our culture that you mention is something that I am very much bothered by, actually. Perhaps I am just anachronistic, but I think that it is a disturbing trend in our society and will prove to be very destructive to society as time goes on. Thank you so much again for your comments!

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