Vote now! “Why in the hell are you reading this thing?”

We here (and by “we,” I of course mean ME) at heatherchristenaschmidt.com like to keep our (my) readers pleased.  (Don’t things sound more official if it seems as though there is a cadre of employees sitting behind computers, blogging on behalf of little old me?)

A writer is only as successful as his readership.  That isn’t entirely true – one may not measure success by input (money, benefits, praise, etc.) but by output (quality, personal satisfaction, and the like).  The best lesson a writer can learn, though, is where to find a balance between the two.  That is why this poll is so important!

So vote now!  Why in the hell are you reading this thing, anyway?


5 thoughts on “Vote now! “Why in the hell are you reading this thing?””

  1. I refuse to take part in your evil, man-hating plans… If my answer isn’t one of the pre-selected options you’re trying to force upon the masses, I will not answer your poll… I refuse to play your silly games, little Heathie!

  2. I’m hoping that you can give me some advice about opening my Christmas presents early in December, 2012…

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