Vote now! “Why in the hell are you reading this thing?”

We here (and by “we,” I of course mean ME) at like to keep our (my) readers pleased.  (Don’t things sound more official if it seems as though there is a cadre of employees sitting behind computers, blogging on behalf of little old me?)

A writer is only as successful as his readership.  That isn’t entirely true – one may not measure success by input (money, benefits, praise, etc.) but by output (quality, personal satisfaction, and the like).  The best lesson a writer can learn, though, is where to find a balance between the two.  That is why this poll is so important!

So vote now!  Why in the hell are you reading this thing, anyway?


  1. I refuse to take part in your evil, man-hating plans… If my answer isn’t one of the pre-selected options you’re trying to force upon the masses, I will not answer your poll… I refuse to play your silly games, little Heathie!

  2. Welcome, Dave!! Hope you continue to enjoy!

    Mike, coming soon!

    Mario, as you have known me for well over 10 years, now, you should know that “None of the Above” is never an option with me 😀

  3. Came here from the Literary Fiction writers group. Like the point of view! I can probably select “all of the above” from now on.

  4. I’m hoping that you can give me some advice about opening my Christmas presents early in December, 2012…

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