So I guess I was right, huh?

I pulled over just to get a photo of that sign.

Nothing is worse than someone who gloats.  I mean, the old “I told you so” gets pretty old, especially when you already feel stupid as is for whatever you may have been wrong about.

Well, faithful blog-followers, today I don’t care.  Today, I’m going to be as gloating and pretentious as I want.  Because you know what?  I guess I was right, huh?

Before the holiday weekend, I posted about the three most compelling reasons to avoid the 4th of July.  They were compelling in my book, although it appears no one listened to me.  Here are some stats:

Drunk Driving

The results of drunk driving statistics were mixed across the country.  In some areas, including the Midwestern states of Illinois and Ohio, an actual decrease in drunk driving arrests were reported.  Other areas of the country though, including my home state of California, saw as much as a 33% increase in drunk driving activity on the books.

Fireworks Injuries

The injuries and deaths this year from the use of illegal fireworks remains staggering.  Numbers have not come in total for national statistics, although deaths across the country have been reported by the hour, with injuries soaring well beyond those.  Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that fireworks-related injuries have actually been down in recent years, the numbers dropping from 9,600 in 2004 to 8,600 in 2010; although, the details are becoming more disturbing.  In Georgetown, an 11 year old boy was injured in a fireworks accident last night.  And if you think that incidence of a child using fireworks was isolated, think again:  even the neighbors across the street from my very own home were letting their five year olds light rockets in the street.

But it went beyond that…

There were victims of drownings in Oregon and SW Washington, and a number of other non-alcohol-related car accidents and traffic violations reported around the country, just as a mere consequence of so many people being out for the holiday.  I suppose the only real levity to the 4th of July in the news were the increased number of U.F.O. sightings around the world (which, according to The Examiner, is typical for the annual holiday).  Where’s Will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom when you need them?

So I guess I was right, huh?  Maybe next year you will all take into consideration the dangers presented on a holiday that 1/4 of our country does not even know is celebrated for.  In a discussion with a friend about my disgust for the 4th of July, I stated that it wasn’t the signing of the Declaration of Independence, or the freedom our country holds so dear, that I hate about the holiday.  It’s what so many people in our country have done to it.  I’m all for a good time, if you are responsible in doing it.  But the degradation of common sense in this country seems to have exploded over the last decade or so.  Never drink and drive.  Know your limits, and do not operate fireworks when under the influence.  And, for God’s sakes, do not let your children set off explosives, no matter how competent you think they are in handling fire.

Even the hipsters knew it was a bad idea to get out of control with the 4th of July – if those guys can control themselves, next year you can too.

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