In Your Face … book, that is

It’s time for all the social networking haters to take their hate-train out of town.  I’ve done it before, myself:  hated on social networking giants like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  I’ve looked down on Myspace because of all the glitter, crap, and puke that shows up on the site.  Despite the fact that I am an avid user of it, I’ve argued against Facebook ad nauseum, mainly because of the way people use it.  I used to hate on Twitter with a vehement passion unparalleled by any other Internet-hatreds I have had in the past.  And LinkedIn … well, I still don’t see much of a point to LinkedIn, but for the sake of argument (and acknowledging that LinkedIn is now the 2nd most used social network site) let’s just say I’ve moved beyond that.

The important thing is that we have got to move past this blatant hatred of anything that is unfamiliar, new, or seemingly different than what we thought it would be.

It’s like the bird that was weaker than the rest, and didn’t survive because of it.  Or the company that went out of business because they refused to modernize their sales equipment.  Embracing technology – social networking Internet technology in particular – is the way that Darwinian evolution is moving.  Not only are we evolving physically, but intellectually as well – and this includes the way we utilize technology.  By not embracing at least some of the social networking giants, we fall well behind the curve of human evolution.

The real truth is that I hate the Internet just as much as the rest of you do.  Everyone is up in each other’s business; the notion of privacy seems to be all-but dead.  But the wave of the future is what it is, and that seems to be in online networking.  It’s easier, it’s cheaper, and it’s safer.  Denying that it is vital to have a presence in it is a recipe for ending up on the tail-end of technological evolution.

Thanks for the photo, Technically Personal, Hill & Shay

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  2. Heather Christena Schmidt

    I think that’s a good point, although that is like being afraid of antibiotics because of the possible side effects. The benefits far outweigh the risks / scariness.

  3. Mike Hayward

    Great little cartoon.
    I don’t think it’s “hate.” I feel it’s more some kind of phobia: technophobia, xenophobia, zombie-phobioa… A lot of people are pretty convinced that online social networks are rife with gruesome creatures just waiting to rip our throats out.
    … And y’know what? They’re not far off the mark.

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