A New Segment on the B(itch)Log

Well, faithful blog followers – it’s time for a new and regular segment on the B(itch)Log.  Starting this week, the site will have a weekly installment of what I like to call B(itch)Log Lessons in Grammar and Punctuation.  This segment will come in the form of a graphic and will address some of the major problems our society seems to be facing when it comes to grammar and punctuation today.

Before sharing with you the first installation, I must offer another series of DISCLAIMERS:

  1. The content is not for those that think they know everything.  If you think your grammar and punctuation use is right, whether the Little Brown Book agrees with you or not, just stay away from this segment of the B(itch)Log altogether.  By doing so, we will be able to remain friends.
  2. I’ve decided to be uninhibited on the content and the language.  My use of foul and sometimes lewd language has a tendency to offend some, but I feel it’s important to prove a very important point (which has been studied and surveyed for years):  some of the most educated people in the world have the foulest mouths and minds.  This is a much greater linguistic conversation that will be had on the blog at a later date (soon, soon), but ultimately the concept of foul language to begin with is nothing more than a manifestation of a backwards morality.  So I have chosen to go balls-out (so to speak) on these posts in particular; be warned, expletives will be at an all-time high.
  3. The intention is to be silly about some of the major problems now showing up in the world with grammar and punctuation in general.  Students write papers in high school with LOL and emoticons included in the text.  People are having a hard time knowing how to spell without the use of spell check or using acronym and text lingo.  What seems to be happening through all of this is a general misuse of the English language altogether – its rules, contexts, and basic structures.  So while this segment is silly, let us be forever mindful that these are real problems we are facing on regular-enough of a basis to warrant an entire blog post about it.
  4. Enjoy!
Shall we kick it off with an open letter to those dickweeds that improperly use their exclamation points?

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