Arch Nemesis #57: the Pacific Ocean

That’s right, here I go again being nutty Heather – adding things to the Arch Nemesis List that make absolutely no sense at all.  Ultimately, I’m almost certain that my hatred of the Pacific Ocean is nothing more than my ridiculous fear of it.  The ocean is a beast.  A beast filled with things that continue to baffle scientists.  A beast that is unpredictable and somewhat temperamental.  A beast that I love to look at, love to sit near, love to talk about; yet, hate to go in.  I can’t really put my finger on it beyond my fear of it, though.  And there are a lot of things I’m afraid of that are not on my arch nemesis list; some of which I enjoy regularly in spite of that fear (examples:  sushi, sky-scrapers).  I can think of a few possible alternatives, all of which plausible for the true alternative reason for the Pacific Ocean and me being at such odds.

I also still don’t get the I’m on a Boat joke… I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

Now, I say the Pacific Ocean because to be completely honest, I’ve never been within arm’s reach of the Atlantic.  You faithful blog followers know I don’t get out much, and while I have traveled it has been relatively confined to the spaces between Illinois and California.  So hey there Atlantic Ocean, there is hope for you yet to stay off my Arch Nemesis List.  In the mean time, watch out Pacific Ocean – I’ve got my eye on you.

If you are in the majority, and thus like the ocean and the surf and all things Pacific, though, it’s time for you faithful blog followers to pony up and show how faithful you are.  Head over to this guy’s site (click HERE) and rate his video 10 STARS.  Cory Arrambide is a local, professional surfer with much distinction in the surfing community.  Vote for his movie today and help a local all-star on his courageous adventure!

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