Why I Hate Wal-Mart and Refuse to Shop There

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  1. OK I love Wal-mart. Although my Wal-mart doesn’t smell like urine, and I would never go on Black Friday. And I have bought an eyeglasses repaid kit from them. Although there are certain locations I refuse to go to. And they never seem to have chex mix, which I find odd. But I refuse to pay double for the same items at Jewel. The strangest thing thats happened there was a woman got visably upset because she was reviewing the items I was purchasing and noticed the date on my milk was later than the date on hers, and thought that couldnt be possible cuz she went through every single gallon and picked out the latest date. She wanted to trade. I didn’t.

  2. Haha, typos aside, I couldn’t agree with you more! What astonishes me as well is that cities and towns allow Walmart to come in on the premise that it will create more jobs. Astonishing that they could be so naive. Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

    • The rich get richer, and the fat get fatter. I love our country. Everything and everyone is always for sale. And for those of you who disagree with that statement, take a look at your paycheck to see what you are worth an hour.

      • Or take your salary and factor in how many hours you really work (instead of just 40) … I love these companies that salary their employees just so they can work them as many hours as they want and not have overtime costs. My husband should be making $30 an hour at his salary, but the amount of hours he works (sometimes up to 70 hours a week), he’s making chump change. And for all that loyalty, the second things get ugly the company will ditch him just as quickly as the next guy. You have to love an economy where we are still taught to be a loyal employee and yet there is absolutely no return from the company. Why would anyone want to bend over backwards for an entity that will kick them to the curb in a heartbeat?

  3. Walmart is the conquistador of small town America. They systematically come into small towns and lower their prices on everything to take a loss just to destroy all local markets. Once every ma and pa store is destroyed in the town the gradually ease there prices back to a level they can profit on. They are the appitamy of what is wrong with our country our free market society has allowed this company to destroy us with sub standard products, wages, and performance all I the name of Greed. Which is what this country should change its name to “the Unitef States of Greed” and, “In Walmart We Trust”

    • That’s “epitome”. I should go back to English 101 for that.

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