This post has sadly been removed due to publication and copyright laws. You can still read it, though, by buying B(itch) Against the World for unlimited viewing, plus more great and new posts from 2011. And it’s only $2.99! Click the picture of the cover for more details!




  1. OMG (I love that one, btw– oh, and that one too.) Hate LOL– I always say haha instead. This is great– just today I was p.o.’d b/c my DOCTOR friend sends me emails about tonight and writes “tonite.” Ugghh, it kills me!

    • I cannot stand LOL either! I always put hahah or some extended version of it but then imagine myself laughing hysterically like hahahahahahaha would sound. Tonite is actually acceptable on my autocorrect on my phone, so is OMG…what is wrong with that picture?!

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