New Years Countdown Series, Day 0: 12 Confessions

This post has sadly been removed due to publication and copyright laws. You can still read it, though, by buying B(itch) Against the World for unlimited viewing, plus more great and new posts from 2011. And it’s only $2.99! Click the picture of the cover for more details!



  1. LOL gets me gearing up for a bile rile. Also the other cousins, LMAO, LMFAO, ROFL, ROTFL et al.

    I was also nodding on the Cat point (I’d also squeeze in a dog..which automatically leads to social ostracism!)

    Glad to have discovered you. The rest was worth the while. 🙂

    • A BILE RILE!! Hah! It’s funny you mention that, because in the email WordPress sent me a few minutes ago about your “like” or follow or whatever it was of my blog, it had that “you should check out what they’re up to…” thing at the bottom, which included your “Battle of the LOLs and ROFLs.” I immediately knew we’d get along haha!

      I used to love dogs, had one for my entire childhood. Then a few years ago I got one that had major Alpha Dog issues and used to sling her shit all over the apartment and try to murder people that came over. I spent tons of money on trainers and was made to feel like shit reading through all those forums where people say “they aren’t bad dogs, they’re bad owners” then finally I had to rehome her after she tried to bite off the kid’s face – it was so awful. So I know I’ll never get another dog again and am quickly losing my affection for them now that I realize they’re nothing more than shit-slinging murderers (like most animals).

      Thanks so much for commenting!!

      • I’m tempted to LOL on that. 🙂

        I mean, I have nothing personal against dogs. Except when they heartily lick their willy-nilly/under-belly and then eagerly pounce to lick your face. Sorry, Sir! I prefer keeping my distance. Live and let live. In peace. 🙂

        You write well. I admire your direct style of writing.

  2. At least you’re honest in your confession! That’s pretty awesome you homeschooling.

  3. So an Olive Garden gift card is not in order for your birthday?
    LOL! Ha, just kidding!
    So I do like cat pictures. I like the Icanhazcheezburger. I love cats and I like crazy captions with them. Especially ones that curse. That said, I don’t care for the inspirational, sappy ones. Especially the one that is tacked up on the ceiling at my gyno’s office that I see every time I lay down for my exam. Really?

    • HAHA! Oh gawd – the Olive Garden out here is so ghetto. I had to go there for this local writers event a few months ago and felt like running away about twenty minutes in!!

      Cat photo at the gynecologist = WEIRD!!

      I really believe that I hate the cat photos because I just hate cats, and I just hate cats because I’m so allergic to them. There was a day when I loved them. Loved spending time with them and playing with them. But then I developed adult-onset allergies of them and now I hate them all. HATE hahah. Although, I can see the sheer awesomeness of a cat that swears.

  4. The next person to forward me an inspirational cat photo email is going to get a malicious virus in their inbox.

    Do you get a lot of confused, disgusted glances when you tell people to suck your balls? I have a tendency to use “blow me” as a generic retort; it makes people look scared, then sad.

    • I do NOT get weird looks, which is probably a little concerning of its own right. Someone does those stupid cat posts on my Facebook ALL THE TIME and it drives me nuts. I had to hide her from my newsfeed to preserve our actual friendship haha.

      Thanks for reading the post!!

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