If You Like Reading About Balls…

… well then you should consider reading my dad’s new blog.

He writes about all kinds of balls, actually. Not the kind I’ve implied here, though – the less horrifying ones. Baseballs. Footballs. Basketballs. Tennis balls. You get my drift.

If any of you faithful blog followers have read my About Me page, you know that my father is something of an academic writer that raised me to value education and strive to be a writer. Some of my most remembered experiences growing up were of going to basketball games with him in the dead of winter, of sitting in the locker rooms with my eyes covered while the players talked about sports, music, and women; of being known by the football coaches he interviewed so well they knew exactly what I’d want at Christmas time. Since his days as a part time sports writer, my dad has published four books on all things (sports) balls. He’s working on two more as I write this.

So the other thing I learned from my dad was to be brutally honest; to be blunt. It’s why snark drips from the words that come out of my mouth. And why I started blogging. It was only a matter of time, really, until he decided to blog himself – especially since he cannot write his opinions in the terribly long and somewhat specialized sports history topics he writes journals and books on.

While he writes primarily history now in his retirement, his blog is going to be devoted to mostly current issues in every arena of sports he has something to say about. In the vein of the b(itch), his first blog post coming tomorrow will be to vent on the issue of bowl games.

Check out his website The Schmidt Sports Corner and make sure to “fan” him on Facebook too.

Now … back to my usual crassness, for your daily helping of pig balls:

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