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That’s right, I’m having a giveaway … not a big one, but one nonetheless.

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Giveaway ends June 30th, 2012 … and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post!

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No, it isn’t.

1. You must comment on this post. Commenting on a post other than this one will result in no entry.

2. You must comment on the post by June 30th, 2012 at 11:59 pm.

3. Your comment must answer the following question: “what is your favorite thing to b(itch) about?” Those comments not addressing that question will be disqualified.

3. Each individual only gets one entry, so you need not comment multiple times.

4. Anyone can enter, but the only way for you to win is if you include your email address.

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Now for some completely unrelated crazy bitch:


  1. The Winner and My Winner « B(itch) Log

    […] have the winner. First and foremost, though, let me thank the 18 of you who did enter. I thoroughly enjoyed your b(itches) – LOVED […]

  2. Lorie

    I’ve put this off for this long BECAUSE, I find it so difficult to choose a favorite bitch item. There is just so much to bitch about. Here’s one: People do not seem to understand that the driver wishing to turn right on a red light must STOP first (!!!) and NEVER has the right of way! To all the dumb asses in my state (Connecticut) – IF YOU ARE AT A RED LIGHT, AND YOU WANT TO TURN RIGHT, YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR EVERYONE ELSE TO GO FIRST. You do NOT get to turn just because you think you can “make it” before you get creamed, or because you think I will slow down in time to NOT crash into you, or even because you are delusional and therefore believe you are the only person in the world.

  3. Stacy

    I can’t decide what I most like to b***** about. (I’m sorry, I can’t write out the word. That’s just me.) I complain a lot about certain grammar mistakes. I can’t stand the way most people drive, cutting you off and not signalling, and things like that. I rant about the way the American sheep, I mean the American people, blindly accept what’s told to them without question.

  4. ghfool

    I appear to be bitching about my S2BXW a lot these days. She deserves every syllable of it.

  5. njaleruma

    Being consistent is all about Bitch About and that is the indelible mark I have seen about this Blog.It seems you have a Laptop with you in your bed room and you don’t fantasize with nothingness but information and that is great for a writer who spends a lot to have my Blog published.Bitch About is actually my idol.

  6. Michelle Townsley

    This is from a teacher in England, the same stuff teachers bitch about here are alive and well “across the pond”!

    In response to the thread on what pupils say, and following a week of ‘getting it in the neck’ from over-zealous parents who think their little sweetheart is more intelligent than any other kid on the plnet, I though it might be fun to have a thread about things that parents have said.

    This week I’ve been told:

    1) You don’t mark my son’s exercise book often enough, how is he supposed to make progress if he doesn’t know what mark he got? You should mark it straight away after every single lesson. It’s school policy, rightly or wrongly, to only mark using an NC level on a end-of-half-term assessment. Strangely, this pupil has made clear progress as is evident throughout his exercise book. As for frequency of marking: 3 lessons per week, 30 students per class., 5 lesson per day..there literally aren’t enough hours in the day to mark 150 exercise books per day. Are you on crack?

    2) We believe our son’s ability in you subject to be extremely high and we expect he will be placed in the top set for next year. Yes, your son IS very able, and a terribly nice boy (in spite of his parents, clearly) and would have been in the top set anyway – not that it’s any of your business to make that decision – because we are not entirely devoid of the ability to recognise his ability, but thatnks for your input.

    3) We think we would have been able to support our child better if we’d had more regular updates regarding his weaknesses so we could work on them at home. Your child is 11 and has progressed from level 5 to some elements of level 7 during the course of year 7. I’d say he’s doing alright. Let him play some computer games at home and relax, it won’t kill him.

    4) There’s is a complete lack of information regarding APP on the VLE. We’d have been able to support him better if we’d had access to this. You are clearly teachers since you know what APP is. It’s not compulsory on schools, nor is it necessary to publish details about it on our VLE, which, by the way, is not available in every school and isn’t our main priority at present. If you are that bothered, a simple Google search will help you find the Assessment Grids for APP; that’s all I did when I emailed you the links at your insistance.

    All of this was from the same parent. Other gems over the years have been:

    “I can’t afford to get him any new school shoes until the end of the month” (parents always has fags and booze, child has an iPhone and brand new trainers to wear in place of school shoes)
    “The homework you set was too hard so I said he didn’t have to do it”
    “We haven’t been kept informed about our child’s progress (you didn’t come to parents’ evening, didn’t attend options evenings and seem to have misplaced all 3 reports that have been sent to you this year….how is this our fault?)
    “Why hasn’t my daughter been moved up a set? She got the same marks as her friend and her friend got moved up”. I’m not in charge of setting, sorry.
    “My daughter spends the whole lesson helping the girl next to her; the work is too easy for her”. Oh really? That’s why she still can’t write in paragraphs of more than one sentence after 3 months of that being her target?
    “If my child is in a lower set that means the behaviour will be bad and the teacher won’t be as good”. Yes, because we employ sh1t teachers specially for the thick kids….
    Aaaarrggghhh! Nothing pleases these people!

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      I love it! “ARE YOU ON CRACK?” HAHA!!

      When Alexis was in parochial school, right before I started homeschooling, I always thought it was amazing to watch the parents tell the teachers how to teach. I kept thinking to myself “you are a clerk at the Vons down the street… either go to school to get your credentials and teach your kid yourself or shut the hell up.”

      I also like how many of the comments parents make are after the fact … “we would have been able to support him better…” In other words “my kid didn’t finish the year as I wanted, so I need someone to blame.”

      #4 She should have sent them hahahah

      And it is true. Nothing will be please parents – ever. They will always want to think their precious flower of a child is untouchable; that they don’t have to do work to be a genius; that they are always slacking because they know better or are ahead; that their kid can do no wrong. You see I think this is a really big issue that Western culture has now where we seem to think our ‘sh*t don’t stink.’ There, now *I* said it. The reason no one values education is because they think they are above it. They already think they know everything. Or even if they don’t know everything, they know the exact way *it* needs to be known. They want to do their thing during the day, have someone basically babysit their kid whilst teaching them, only teach them in the way that I have micromanaged it and PLEASE OH PLEASE be cool with doing it for free or very little money because it is way more important that we beautify our city, or have more administrators in place, or give the politicians more aids to attend special events with them or write up their schedules. I think this problem is cyclical and has to do with the general public’s entire way of thinking and, quite frankly, I have no idea how it can be solved without people getting off their high horse.

  7. Michelle Townsley

    I bitch about the seemingly never-ending BS in the school district in which I work. With the advent of deep cuts in education, our district is looking at a 15% paycut which is permanent for the teaching staff, but temporary for everyone else. Then, at last Thursday’s board meeting after an hour and a half of picketing, board members told us we were misinformed. We have a document from the district lawyer stating that the teachers will receive a 15% RETROACTIVE and permanent paycut if we don’t agree to their terms. Later they stated we had not given them a proposal mentioned in the meeting. There were at least 5teachers in the room that witnessed the board members receiving the proposal from the teachers! WTF! I get the dire economic situation, but if the district can bring in new administration positions when they’ve been laying off teachers for five years in a row while 2000 additional students are attending district schools and class sizes in K-3 have gone from 20 students to 30+ students, there is something wrong with the picture. So, I’ll be picketing again on Thursday, which is my public form of bitching! There, I said it.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      This makes me so mad you have no idea. Not that you are bitching about it all, but because of what they are trying to do to the teachers yet again. Ugh.

  8. Fried Rice & Eggs (@FriedRiceNdEggs)

    I’m too tired to bitch about anything anymore.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Haha, awww 😦

  9. alienredqueen

    Because of the SUPREMELY fuct things people are doing to one another (and children) nowadays, I like to rant about how if I had my way, I’d have my own island and only people I allow could live there, and if, by chance, someone did do something fuct up, I’d hold public executions. None of this pussy life-in-prison, rehabilitation for pedos shit. Deader than dogshit… (Oops… I sound kind of insane, don’t I?)

    1. alienredqueen

      PS…how do “iTunes” work? (Seriously…I have no idea)

  10. TheJeffWagner

    Hit and run drivers and those who go around you to get to the red light first, as well as people who spill coffee on you.

  11. Jeff Wagner

    Most of my b(itch)ing occurs in my head. Like when I’m driving, and people go around me to get to the red light first. Another big peeve of mine is coffee. The smell of it alone annoys me. I try to avoid contact wherever I can, but that doesn’t seem to stop people from spilling it on me every now and then.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Don’t you hate it when you go into a coffee shop to meet up with someone or use the bathroom on a long drive or whatever and no matter how little of a time you spend there, you smell like GODDAMNED COFFEE for the rest of the day?! UGH! Hate that. I am not a fan of the driving around me to get to the red lights either.

  12. ghfool

    Like my biggest B(itch) is when like my girlfrind like doesn’t like pay enough attention to me when I’m like doing stuff for her like all she wants to do is text her girlfriends and like check her make-up and talk about stupid stuff that like has nothing to do with us like her shoes or her new nail polish and like…

    1. sarahnb1


    2. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Oh noes…. this sounds disastrous!

      1. ghfool

        Like, totally!

  13. lauriejlong

    My first favorite b(itch) topic is Jimmy. He moves out in less than two weeks. What will I b(itch) about then? Probably Larry.

    1. lauriejlong

      Oh, my email. It’s lauriejlong (at) yahoo (dot) com. That’s where all the invitations for hot sex and advertisements for free viagra and big penises go.

      1. Heather Christena Schmidt

        HAHA, that’s so wonderful. Gmail is so good at filtering that Viagra crap…

  14. lolabees

    Free stuff? This bitch is in! 😉 So… it depends on my mood, but right now my favorite thing to bitch about is other bloggers that follow me just so I will follow them back. Not cool, dude.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL, that is starting to piss me off too. Seriously.

  15. paralaxvu

    I bitch about mornings when there’s nothing from the b(itch) bitching in my email;-) Please don’t enter me in your contest…I don’t have an itune player (toed ya I was old!).

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      There you go! I have nothing for tomorrow, though. Not a damn thing. I didn’t do shit today or go anywhere that exposed me to psychos.

  16. Mohammad

    School. I bitch about school every single day.

  17. Mohammad

    School, I bitch about school every single day.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      I approve of your bitching, but at least school will get you somewhere. Hopefully. If you graduate after the economy stops being painfully crappy.

  18. Abby Rae

    My Crazy Mother-in-Law!!! Wish I had the balls to blog about her~

  19. Nick

    You. I like complaining about you. Stop being such a bitch.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Ass. Hole.

      1. lauriejlong

        Low blow, Nick. Go make out with PBnJ Cher and stop picking on Heaths. 😉

      2. Heather Christena Schmidt

        HAHA! YAH!

  20. boomiebol

    I b(itch) about Africa and it’s many plights…You are one engaging blogger. 🙂

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Thanks, you are sweet and also a good person by virtue of your bitch. I agree completely about bitching about Africa – more people need to.

  21. jimcolv

    What is there not to bitch about? Let’s see…. I can’t stand individuals that lack the ability to form coherent and/or grammatically sound sentences. I can’t stand people that front like they are more important than they really are. I really can’t stand folks that were heathens yesterday but all of a sudden after a “spiritual awakening” they are bosom buddies with Jesus (getthefuckouttaherewiththatbullshit). Fuck people that are on that holier than thou shit. Fuck people that can’t spell. Fuck people if they can’t take a joke. And last of all fuck cats for making me sneeze and making my eyes swell up like I’m Apollo Creed in Rocky II. Fuckemall!!!

    I guess my truly favorite thing to bitch about is the decline of the human race. It’s a damn shame how far we’ve taken ourselves back. You’d think we would have made progress as a people but apparently not. Apparently people have chose to ignore common sense and have fully embraced stupid. We’ve gone full retard (our growth as a species is in danger of regressing). I have little hope for the future. Honestly I hope I’m proven wrong, but I’ve yet to see anything that will prove me otherwise.

    This rant has been bought to you by the author of the blog Simply Jimmy. He can be reached at mrbonebody at gmail dot com. Thank you, come again…

    1. paralaxvu

      I know how to form clear and grammatically coherent sentences, but I have a BA in Creative Writing and will take license with the language as I please, Sir. b-body. Even if I didn’t have a BA, so don’t go getting snotty about that, too;-)

      1. jimcolv

        Oh I’ll get as snotty as I want lady!!! 😉

      2. Heather Christena Schmidt

        Oh Lord.

      3. paralaxvu

        You snot!

    2. lauriejlong

      Yep… ‘eff’ cats. Hate those shites.

  22. rich

    i bitch about not enough sex.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      I do too. HAHA!!

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