How Pinterest and Instragram Ruined My Life

Yesterday I had a lot of cooking and cleaning to do. I was behind on my usual schedule of cleaning the apartment; and my in-laws are coming over for dinner tonight. This is sort of a big deal because we haven’t seen them since late last year – and Hello Kitty Toaster is included in the bunch. They hate me something good, faithful blog followers. I’m not sure why, really – except that I operate much differently than the way they run their family. I don’t gossip. I don’t break the sanctity of my marriage to allow other family into our personal business. I don’t tell stories about my bowel movements and my dog’s bloody heat at the dinner table.

Call me crazy, that’s just me.

Somewhere between inviting them over for dinner and preparing the actual meal, though, I let Pinterest and Instagram ruin my life. Although if I were really being honest, this happened a long time ago.

Now that we have Pinterest and Instagram – with people posting picture after stupid picture of recipes, crafts, food, inspiration, you name it – the bar of how things look in real life has been set much higher. It’s not just about preparation, it’s about presentation. It’s not just about enjoying the meal, it’s about taking photos of it at every angle and posting them on Instagram. Your meal is perfection if you can take a photo of it and it looks unbelievable uploaded without a filter. And look! It’s so easy to do all these cutesy little DIY additions to make things look even more perfect. We call it “personalized touch.”

Pinterest and Instagram are just about making things even more perfect than we’ve already tried to make them.

So I planned the meal for tonight according to my own tastes. I figured that if I’m going to be cooking a meal for people whose most recent contact with us included the words “we know Heather won’t let you come see us and Heather won’t let you call us and Heather seems to think you aren’t our son” (in response to my husband not communicating with them for a while, being upset of his own accord – Heather didn’t do anything); I’m cooking whatever the hell I want. I also wanted to spite Hello Kitty Toaster – I know how much she hates carbs and thinks that vegetables are fatty, so I wanted to plan the meal to be as carb- and veggie-filled as possible. And under no circumstance was I going to be making California-Italian. No sir – they feed themselves enough of that slop every other day of the year. And I hate it.

In the end, I decided on: stuffed mushrooms, BLT bites, and zucchini rollups for appetizers; buffalo-style chicken legs, fresh baguette, Chicago-style thin crust pizza, garlic-sauteed mixed green veggies, and a caesar salad for dinner; and a stained glass cake and lemon pie for dessert. It’s just enough for the eight people that are going to be here, and all relatively easy for me.

Do you see what I did there, though, faithful blog followers? I already started in with the Pinterest junk.

Ten years ago, I would have said “pizza.” Now it’s got to be qualified as Chicago-style thin crust pizza. Ten years ago, I would have said “some appetizers.” Now it’s stuffed mushrooms, BLT bites, and zucchini roll-ups. If I were really going to go all out with the Pinterest crap, I’d say bleu cheese and bacon stuffed mushrooms, BLT bites with a hint of garlic and onion, and zucchini roll-ups filled with ricotta and spinach. And not only did I feel I needed to qualify it all, but it has to look amazing when it’s presented as well.

So I spent about twenty minutes standing at the box window in my kitchen – where I keep all of the serving platters – deciding what platters would be best for presentation. Will the stuffed mushrooms, BLT bites, and zucchini roll-ups fit on here uniformly? Can I layer the chicken on this platter so as to display the bleu cheese crumbles? Will the presentation of my stained glass cake show the stained glass pieces on this dessert stand?

Oh for Christ’s sakes – shut the fuck up!

There was a day when dinner was just dinner. People came over and unless it was professionally catered (and even sometimes then), the meal was just a meal. No one cared about the presentation. Serving platters (versus the cookware the food was cooked in) were things for pretentious people, and pretentious people only. You never saw little place card signs stuck into various pieces of fruit listing the entire gamut of ingredients in the dish. Hardly ever did you see things like personalization of wine bottles, napkin rings, and elaborate centerpieces. No one ever stood around worrying whether or not their chicken could be stacked to properly display the bleu cheese crumbles sprinkled on it. People didn’t waste their time on bull shit like that! And most importantly – more than anything – you didn’t have a bunch of saps all standing around and marveling at the food; most certainly never taking photographs of it.

Pinterest and Instagram have ruined my life. Has it ruined yours?


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  1. lifestooshorttoplaypossum

    My Hubs pointed out that I had officially lost it when he was me taking a picture of my tuna salad sandwich. “WTF are you doing?”
    me: “it’s cut PERFECT. I’m putting this baby on pinterest!”
    Him: “you’ve lost your f-ing mind! Just eat the f-ing sandwich!”.
    Yea….gone …a..little…tooooooo…. far.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      You see! Pinterest and Instagram have made us all insane!!

  2. becca3416

    Round of applause on the cooking. Fuck Instagram. Pinterest, you’re cool (but only because it does the work of being creative for me).

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Thanks for your comment!! And yeah – FUCK INSTAGRAM haha 🙂

  3. mikeballenger2011

    I have felt the same way for the longest time about concert goers…which I am. I always see a ton of people acting like they are damn Speilberg filming the whole show…here is an idea. Put the I -Phone down and actually enjoy the music. Some people are alwasy so busy capturing the moment, they are actually missing it:) Nice Post and thanks for being one of my tens of followers. I dig your style!

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Oh – I totally agree!! That’s why I really don’t go to concerts anymore. I got so tired of people’s big arms being in the way as they held up their iPhones. And you are so right – people are so busy capturing the moment they aren’t even in it anymore. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. blackcatsandbuttons

    Your food looks bloody delicous! Nope Pinterest hasn’t ruined me…and don’t have Instagram coz it won’t work on my crappy phone..but the upside is my crappy phone takes crappy pictures like Instagram does…;)

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Thanks! I’m sure if you were here you would have eaten it, which is the opposite of what the people I made it for did!! So much for presentation enticing people to eat! Good for you for staying off Instagram!!

  5. jimcolv

    I have an app on my iPhone that can do filters like the ones on Instagram and as far as Pinterest goes…. Yeah… Anybody with a vague idea of something can find success in this world I see. But apparently there’s been a rash of sites that have borrowed the whole Pinterest format like and (really can’t make this shit up). But yeah, I’ve jumped off the social media bandwagon last year. It truly insists upon itself. I only fucks with my WordPress Bloggers!!!!

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      I have this conspiracy theory that Pinterest is actually a shoot off from guys that worked for Facebook. The Facebook-Pinterest interface is just too stream less and it seemed as though all the people that got sick of Facebook suddenly had this new Pinterest. Whatever, I’m not a big conspiracy theorist though so… I am scaling back to WordPress and only the rest when I want to be mad hahaha

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  7. Jim Cantwell

    I don’t see the point of either site so I don’t use them, fb twitter and wp take up enough of my time but I limit how much time I spend here 🙂

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      I’m thinking about using a program that limits the amount of time I can spend on each of these sites – too much brain drain!!

  8. Peaches

    Where is the love button when I need it?

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Oh, thank you 🙂

  9. Connie

    Haven’t dived into the world of Instagram yet, but Pintrest has definitely ruined my life. LMFAO

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Don’t bother with Instagram – it’s already pretty ghetto and pointless hahaha


    Reblogged this on cjackplay and commented:
    Guilty as charged. This is so true I can not even tell you. Not the in-law part for me, but the rest is spot on!


    OH MY LORD! I want all of those things in my mouth right now! You are right though, pinterest is EVIL! I am addicted, I admit that openly, but now my dinners can’t just be dinners they have to be something amazing. 😀 I love it! I am hitting the reblog button…. now. 😀

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Hahaha, well I’m starting to realize now that presentation doesn’t mean shit if people don’t eat it!!

  12. xenogirl

    Of course this is why some of the funniest boards on PInterest are the “Pinterest Fail” boards… where people post photos of their attempts at cooking a meal or making a craft they found on Pinterest… which of course turned out to look NOTHING like the original post.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      The first cake I baked was actually a Pinterest recipe and it looked like PUKE. So nasty!!

  13. essaylove

    My mouth just started watering. Those mushroom bites look delish!

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Hahaha, thanks!

  14. Frugalistablog

    You did ALL that for THEM?? Girl, you are either crazy, or really nice. I think it looks fab. And I would have just opened a can of chili and poured out a bag of Fritos.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      I should have – they didn’t eat shit of what I prepared. Yes I did do all that for them, but really it was for me to show I am not the lazy, do-nothing person they say I am. Whatever, next time it’s chili and Fritos.

  15. Jeremy (@takeshikitano3)

    This isn’t allowing me to log in via Twitter, though that’s my crappy work connection’s fault. but anyway, why the fuck are you bothered by the pressures of social media photographs? You’ve already expressed many times how you dislike these people, so the only reason you should be worried about presentation is either for your own sense of accomplishment, or to shut them up if they think you can’t do anything. Who cares about Pinterest and Instagram? I share some pics on Instagram because I’m there but I mainly just look at cute animal pics…

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      A fusion of the two – my own accomplishment and shutting them the hell up. They didn’t eat any of the food anyway so…

  16. Mrs. Sasu

    I just love your bluntness! Did Pinterest ruin my life? Nope… I don’t use it! Instagram…nope… I just find it useful! Love to read your blog, I wish sometimes I would be as blunt as you are! I hope you have a great dinner!

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Thank you so much!! I’m off the social media train I think!!

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