STFU Fridays: Restaurant Loudtalkers, Illegible Texters, My Mom’s Gut

Here I am. It’s Thursday night. I’m in my pajamas. As you see, no make up. I’m just hanging out. I’ve written a lot today – both a blog post, as well done revisions on my new blog book coming out soon. I also went bowling and to the library. Those were pretty good times. I should be spending my night relaxing and reading my new Hem biography with a nice glass or two of skim milk.

But I’m just so fucking excited for this week’s Shut the Fuck Up Fridays that I cannot wait to post it. So I’m writing it early and posting it tonight because it is just that good. At least as it’s worked out in my head.

Shall we begin?

Restaurant Loudtalkers

Have you ever been in a restaurant, only for someone to be talking so fucking loud that you just want to break a glass and cut the motherfucker to get him to shut the hell up? It’s not always men – that’s sort of sexist for me to say “him.” In fact, more often than not, it’s been the broads.

Once we were out to eat and these three humungous women (I don’t mean their physical girth … well, they were a little heavy, but I mean like Amazon Women – tall, muscular, and quite frankly frightening); these women were loudly rambling on about their new marriages, the inadequacies of their husbands, and how nice it would be if they didn’t have to get porked every night. In the middle of the goddamned restaurant! In front of children! I will never forget as they pounded out of the restaurant, little Pookies clung to me in fear then asked what they were talking about. I really appreciated that.

Today’s experience was no different. We were picking up take-out salads and this old guy was shouting – literally shouting – to the person sitting right across from him. MY NEW NUMBER IS 7-9-5-4-4-3-7 … NO!! 7!!! 7!!!!” Then he kept going on and on about how his grandkid was in soccer and his son was getting a promotion and his fantasy football club was meeting up again and blaa blaa blaa blaa blaa, in the highest decibel possible. In the five minutes I waited for our food, I learned more about this guy’s life than I have ever wanted to know about another human being, a complete stranger no less.

Walking out, I was so overwhelmed by the Restaurant Loudtalker that I immediately turned into this crying lady who has the balls I don’t have to say what’s making me cry:

Illegible Texters

The other day I was talking about how my Trailer Trash Mom started texting and it is – like – seizure-inducing to read the things. I’m not talking about texters like her, though. I’m talking about the people that text, Tweet, email, Facebook, Instagram – whateverthefuck social whoring you want to reference – shit that just looks stupid.





Seriously. There are very few acronyms I find to be acceptable alternatives to basic English literacy. OMG is one. WTF is another, with its variants WTS and WTH. B4 and L8 are not; nor is Ta2. H8er just makes me emotional again:

My Mom’s Gut

Everyone has been asking what the conclusion of my Terrible Tuesday was the other night. My mother and grandparents came over to dinner; it was such an awful day and I was essentially wasted by 6 o’clock. Before that, though, my mother announced that she was going to bring my grandparents over around 2 or 3, instead of when I invited them to come over, at 7. Being a generous host, I canceled my afternoon plans and made sure to be home by 2.

They showed up at 4:45.

So I had laid out some appetizers since they’d be there for so many hours before dinner. Just some chips and dip, and some caprese salads. I spilled an enormous amount of chips with dip on my chest, licking every one of them up with no comment from the crowd. Then I served dinner – again, relatively healthy. Nothing too bad and pretty low cal.

To be precise, I served some garlic bread, nonfat tortellinis with fat free feta, bar-be-qued sirloin (even though I don’t eat red meat), and a medley of vegetables (brocollini, asparagus, and snap peas). My mother – having just returned from her couple of months at the trailer with her hillbilly husband – was not used to eating such an healthy meal. It’s all Ramen, chili dogs, and McDonalds for those two, so her gut was a little ill-prepared for such an easily digested and nutritious meal.

As everyone sat and let their food digest before taking a piece of red velvet cake for dessert, my mother suddenly leaned forward and scooted to the edge of the couch. She spread her legs and positioned her hands on her knees, then puffed out her chest and let out the most uproarious and earth-shattering belch I have ever heard another human being let out.

My grandparents sort of sat there as if nothing was going on, although my grandfather did verbalize what she had just done by saying belch, like he normally does when he does it.

To make matters worse, when she was done letting out the gut-busting, time-stopping esophageal foulness, she wiped her mouth, giggled and said “I guess I’m ready for dessert.”

While everyone else ate their dessert – acting as though not a goddamned thing had happened – I snuck to the bathroom and sat there, tears leaking from my eyes at the horrifying display my mother had just turned the evening into. Maybe it was the wine. Maybe it was my Trailer Trash Mom’s gut rot. No one will ever know, but in the end it was all emotional and teary and STFU:



  1. Laura @ Stroller Parking Only

    Yes, people who text things like “L8er” drive me insane. It’s like, just press the extra TWO buttons to type out the whole word. It’s not that hard, and it makes you 800 times less lame.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      My favorite is when they shorten one word and then add more to another – Partaaay tnt. What?

  2. smacksy

    The restaurant loud talkers really get me – the dinner becomes all about them. Don’t they know it’s all about me?

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      It IS all about “me” isn’t it… how dare they not know that! Haha, well it really bugs me too.

  3. paralaxvu

    You do love to punish yourself, don’t you? As good as that cake looks, I think I might have thrown it in her face;-)

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      She’s just such a pig that doesn’t know any better. Thanks on the “good” part of the cake, it was pretty good hahaha. No throwing, but I might next time.

  4. Teri

    Sorry for that! Holy crap that noise came out of your mom? Did she ask you to pull her finger first?

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      I think it may have been better had she asked me to pull the finger. At least I would have had a little more warning hahah

  5. leena77

    Geeze! Your Tuesday didn’t get any better at all! I would have been too disgusted to eat! On a positive note: your red velvet cake looked delish (although, I would’ve had to wait till the next day to try some after that belch…just sayin’)

    Um…. What is Ta2? I don’t use these stupid things except “WTF” (which is used quite frequently might I add lol)

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Oh, it’s tattoo. Makes perfect sense, right? I know … wrong hahahah So STUPID!

  6. Connie

    What a Terrible Tuesday indeed! OMG, I think I would have slapped all of them and shoved them out the door as fast as possible………..I can no longer complain about the oddities of my family, because in comparison even the shitty ones are saints! Hahahahaha
    As for the texters and restaurant people: AGREED, COMPLETELY.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Hahaha, I don’t know … people are all crazy of their own right haha

  7. jimcolv

    I definitely had my own STFU day today. Like I said earlier, I was going to post it but chose not to. Anyway, I was wondering how things went the other day. Didn’t seem too bad, other than smelling the esophageal foulness from TTM’s belly rot. I can only imagine how putrid the smell of that was. Luckily it didn’t come out of her asshole, although with how much shit you say she talks it probably wouldn’t have made a difference.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Yes, Jim – luckily it DIDN’T come out her asshole hahaha!! Today she came over to “borrow” my shower (because apparently the one at my grandparent’s assisted living facility was broken, and she was on her way to a high school reunion), and completely out of nowhere I heard her yell “Heather! Have you seen my teeth?”…

      1. jimcolv

        Nooooo!!!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!!

      2. Heather Christena Schmidt


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