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People I Would Have An Affair With, Fall 2012 Edition

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As I sit here, going on hour ten (or something) of being relatively glued to The Weather Channel, I realized I should consider making a few additions to my “People I Would Have An Affair With” list. It isn’t because I’m bored, it’s that weather events get me all excited and crazy.

For those of you relatively new(ish) to the blog, my list published last year was possibly the most bizarre list of pseudo-crushes I have had for years. Each crush was for a different reason – most of which (most, not all) had nothing to do with sex appeal. It included: any dead philosopher circa 1700 – 2000, as well as Plato and Aristotle; any dead writer from the Lost Generation; King Arthur as played by Sean Connery in First Knight; Wolf Blitzer; anyone high up in the Russian government; Dog the Bounty Hunter; Chris O’Dowd; Lars Von Trier; and last but certainly not least, Ross Perot. Of course I had a different, and somewhat insane, reason for each of those.

So sitting here now, with my husband annoyed because I won’t let the television be turned off of the Isaac coverage, getting excited and crazy, and beginning to swoon over Jim Cantore in those Hurricane Glasses of his, I make additions to my list:

#1 Jim Cantore

Not Jim Cantore in the weather center station. Not Jim Cantore in a suit. Not Jim Cantore during nice weather. Only Jim Cantore in hurricane gear, with his Hurricane Glasses, in the middle of a storm, being pummeled by rain.

No way around it – that hurricane shit is hot.

#2 Joey G from Cheaters

I’m trying to embrace irony. This seems to be what LA is all about these days – the hipsters and the yuppies and the yupsters have really taken over this place. It’s almost hard to communicate with people if you aren’t being ironic.

So I think an affair with Joey G from Cheaters would bring a nice slice of irony to my life.

#3 Kyle Korver from the Chicago Bulls

Okay, being a corn-fed Midwest girl, I am of course a Bulls fan. I have a Bulls sticker on the back of my car. Ultimately I would have an affair with just about any member of the Chicago Bulls – the players, the coaches, the administrative staff, the interns… Who I’d really like to have an affair with from the Chicago Bulls (although he was recently traded), though, is Kyle Korver. You know why?

Because he looks like a mother fucking vampire.

#4 Any Hillbilly With a Mullet

How debased that is, I know. I’ve always wondered, though, what it would be like to be in some sort of an intimate relationship with someone rocking a mean Kentucky Waterfall.

A plus if said hillbilly wears overalls with nothing underneath.

#5 Wolf Blitzer

Now I know what you are all saying: but you already had Wolf Blitzer in your last “People I Would Have An Affair With” post! Yes, I did. I just thought it was worth reiterating because I really have the hots for Wolf.

I also used to have the hots for Anderson Cooper, which was all the more heartbreaking for me when I found out he was gay.

Wolf, if you are reading this: please don’t break my heart. A girl has to dream.

#6 Hulk Hogan

It’s the ‘stache. And the voice. And possibly the 1980s, neon stretchy pants. I imagine a time when Hulk and I trade stretchy pants – he wears my leopard printed ones; I wear his super hot neon ones. We prance around the house and then he pile drives me something real good.

So I think being pile driven by Hulk Hogan is a good place to stop for now. I think that’s a nice image to leave you faithful blog followers with. My People I Would Have An Affair With list is growing nicely, though. Sure my people and reasons may seem psychotic, and my mother-in-law may be printing this and calling my husband to try and convince him to divorce me, but in the end I think every girl has to have a list of fun times she’d love to have, even if in a million years she’d never have them.

I’m back to my Cantore on The Weather Channel. Hopefully Isaac picks up quickly so he leaves those glasses on all night.

33 responses to “People I Would Have An Affair With, Fall 2012 Edition”

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  2. I was with you right down to Hulk Hogan. You never know what affect steroids are going to have.

  3. […] I’m gonna take a proverbial page from my friend Heather’s blog and give you guys my version of the “People I’d Have an Affair With” list.  I […]

  4. I think I need to make one of these lists… poste haste!

  5. New to your blog… My sis suggested it to me. (Xenogirl) I have 6 kiddos and she knew I would appreciate your humor.

    This post made me laugh. My hubby and I always share with each other our “list”. Hell… If he told me he was running away with Tricia Helfer… I would be all… Damn honey, good for you!

    1. Haha, thanks! Glad you came by! I will have to check out your WordPress right now as well 🙂

      1. And I see not much there yet…. well whenever (if ever) you put stuff up, I’ll be a follower 😀

      2. Oh no… Nothing at all yet. I may never have the time. Or maybe it’s make the time. As of now, I would rather take a nap. 😉

  6. Funny List! I like your mix of old cats and young bucks. I think the LOTR pic is awesome, t-shirt worth almost. Hope everything is going well and keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much! I think that pic is t-shirt worthy too, actually! 🙂

  7. You must be having multiple hurricangasms right now with Bro Jim on the tube all the time! Love your blog-glad I found ya

  8. jimcolv

    Yeah…. So I don’t think my wife would ever approve of me publicly listing women I may consider carrying on some sort of illicit affair with. In fact, the mere mention of any previous flames I’ve had is met with disdain. I applaud you on your courage to post such things though (one area where any strength of Fuckemall is ineffective for me)….

    1. But it’s FUNNY! My husband generally already knows my list.

  9. Just for the record, Kyle Korver is nothing but a lanky, Ashton Kutcher wannabe of a tool. He used to come into my bar when he was on the 76ers. I can search for other vampire-resembling athletes for you if you’d like.

    1. Mmmm… other vampire-esque athletes …yum …

      1. We’ll have to keep an eye out. I think Tony Gonzalez looks kinda like a vampire. Yay or nay?

      2. Mmmm, sounds good to me!

  10. Andrew

    And here I thought I was the only one with a thing for Wolf Blitzer.

  11. Connie

    This was absolutely funny and worth reading! I’ll have to make my own list now. 😉

    1. You should! I’d be interested to know who was on yours!

  12. Don’t know that Cantore would be tops on your list if you saw him huddling with Al Roker this morning on a corner in New Orleans. Definitely lost cool points… haha…

    1. OK… Cantore just made up for the awkwardness with Al Roker. They just showed him doing pushups on the corner of Canal Street as Isaac swirled all around him. Number 1 status “doing it” status restored.

      1. The push ups …AMAZING! I had to take a cold shower after that one…

  13. Ok my computer froze! Sorry that sounds so horrible. I was saying you should do a post on Bloggers you would have an affair with/get turkey stuffed by based on some obscure set of criteria

  14. this was hysterical and sad, because I wasnt on the list and I am for all intents and purposes dead sexy lol . I’m obviously kidding 🙂 You should though do a post on bloggers pile-drived or turkey stuffed on some unique set of criteria

  15. Kanerva

    Too funny! I have to get me a list like this. Hmm, where to start 😉

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