How to Win a Beauty Pageant

So I went to WikiHow to find out how to win a beauty pageant, in hopes this would help me prepare for winning Blogger Idol if I get chosen for the Top 13.

Of course Blogger Idol has absolutely nothing to do with beauty pageants whatsoever, but what can I say … I’ve sort of lost it.

If you haven’t gone to Blogger Idol’s Facebook page and told them you love me yet, do it!!

Now here’s my video blog about what I’m doing to prepare…


  1. another blogger mentioned blogger idol. what the f- is it?

    btw – i’m totally waiting for a day when you post that a kid did something completely stupid in front of you and you pushed it down a flight of stairs or in front of a bus. and i’ll cheer and say “eh, the bastard kid deserved it.”

  2. OMG…that was funny!
    I think my favorite was the “puppies and peace” blurb. Awesome!

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