Why Being a Mom is Awesome

I have come to a number of conclusions recently about being a mom. One is that being a mom is both caused by, and results in, insanity. I’ve mentioned that before. Another is that being a mom is like being in a mental institute. I’ve written a whole blog on that one. There are others too, though. Being a mom is perhaps the most unglamorous job there is. The only thing more unglamorous (at least in my community) is trash picker. But I’m pretty sure the trash picker doesn’t physically get urinated on. It’s much different when it’s warm.

I also think that being a mom is awesome though.

Kid Stuff

Okay, I would much rather start hooking over at the STD clinic than participate in a lot of kid stuff. We’re talking Dino Dan. We’re talking those bouncy house places. We’re talking Chuck E. Cheese. And don’t even get me started on what I would do to avoid watching an episode of Caillou. (Goddamn that kid is a fucking pansy…)

But there is also a lot of kid stuff that makes being a mom awesome. Like art projects. Like legos. I could do art projects and play with legos forever. Like the Barbie Dream House. That was my dream when I was little and now it gets to come true when Santa brings it for Christmas. Or how about Sesame Street? I don’t know about you, but I could watch Sesame Street for hours. Either the nostalgia, the simplistic nature of it, or the cameos, I just love it.

You show me one grown woman with no children, coloring, and playing with legos and the Barbie Dream House, while watching Sesame Street, that is also a well-adjusted, functioning member of society. You can’t.

That’s why being a mom is awesome.

Unconditional Love

Kids have unconditional love for their moms. They love you just because. They think you’re beautiful just because. They want hugs and kisses and snuggle time because you are mom, no matter what mom is or what her job is or how horrible she may look.

It’s not like that when you grow up. When you’re an adult, people don’t always love you unconditionally. Sure, they say they do. You get married and you take the vows and all; and it’s either/or and you promise that her you’ll love her even if she becomes morbidly obese, or that you’ll stand by him even if he gets laid off and can never get another job.

But it isn’t always like that. I’m pretty certain that if I suddenly weighed 400 pounds, lost all my hair, and did nothing, my husband would leave me. And how many times have you heard of a spouse leaving because they couldn’t take the other’s illness/job loss/depression/etc?

That’s why being a mom is awesome.

A Purpose

Anyone that thinks they have some grande purpose in life is so goddamned full of themselves it makes bile come up into the back of my throat. I’m not saying we all aren’t here for a reason. I mean it’s yours to make, and it isn’t more important or special or exalted than anyone else’s.

But let me stop my philosophical waxing and get to the point.

Before becoming a mom, I really didn’t have much of a purpose in life. Yeah, I was working towards goals and establishing a career, but at the end of the day I still went home to very little. Beyond my big purpose (graduate school and working towards a teaching career), I had no little purposes that made each day important and memorable.

Now I have all these little purposes that make each and every day something. My purpose right now is to knit (yes, knit) Halloween costumes for everyone in the family. My purpose after that will be Christmas. The problem with not having these little purposes is one day you wake up and wonder just what you’ve been doing all these years. When you are a mom, you have so many little purposes that you never forget, or take a single day for granted.

That’s why being a mom is awesome.


I don’t mean irresponsible carelessness. I mean you don’t give a shit that much anymore about what people think.

Once you’ve become a mom, you’ll go out with puke on your shirt. Because coffee is just much more important than people seeing that bit of baby vomit. Once you’ve become a mom, it doesn’t matter if you look like a slob as you shovel food down your gullet. Because being able to eat an entire meal without being interrupted and/or someone else eating some of it off your plate is much more important than having pristine manners.

The other day we were at Wetzel’s Pretzels. At the table next to us was a woman eating her $2.99 jalapeno pretzel as though she were out for a five course meal in downtown Manhattan. When I saw this, I giggled and promptly returned to shovel my pretzel down faster than Linsay Lohan made her way back to rehab after her first release. I maintain I had more fun.

That’s why being a mom is awesome.

So you see, being a mom can be pretty nerve-wracking. It can be crazy-making. It can drain your finances. It can put you in the poor house. It can zap your energy and your creativity. It can ruin your hair and your youthful glow. It can cover you in all manner of slime that is both unidentifiable and foul-smelling.

But being a mom is awesome too. Would I trade all that for no awesome? Fuck no.


  1. i hate calliou or however you spell his stupid name. he’s a whiny little shit. i wish the kids on another show would go over and kick his ass. not sure which show because they’re all pansies now.

  2. Wonderful! I love being a mom, love that I’ve had most of these last few years at home with him. It’s the best and most rewarding, although exhausting and frustrating, “job” in the world. 🙂

  3. Thank you! I think number three is especially important because some people seem to think you’re wasting your life if you’re “just a mom.” Anyone can be a mother, but not anyone can be a GOOD mother!

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