What’s the Deal, Mom Bloggers?

I know what you’re all thinking:  I’m probably about to alienate myself from the world of Mom Bloggers forever. I’m probably about to say something super bitchy, or downright rude. I’m likely about to become a total hypocrite, since I – myself – am a Mom Blogger. This would be par for the course, since it is the B(itch)Log and all. But I still think that’s all wrong.

Just hear me out, because I’m trying to understand what the deal is, Mom Bloggers.

What is a Mom Blogger?

A Mom Blogger is a mom that blogs. Next question.

No seriously, what the hey makes a mom that blogs deserve the title of Mom Blogger?

Sometimes s/he blogs about parenting issues. Sometimes s/he blogs about being a housewife. Other times (most of the time) s/he blogs about some random, mundane bullshit that has nothing to do with being a mom at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely benefit from this sort of laissez faire attitude towards what the content should be. But it still can lead to a little confusion.

So I will repeat: a Mom Blogger is a mom that blogs.

Exactly who is qualified to be a Mom Blogger?

This question seems almost redundant now, doesn’t it? A Mom Blogger is a mom who blogs; therefore, “a mom that blogs” is the qualification to be a Mom Blogger.

But it’s way more complicated than that. Dads are Mom Bloggers now, or Dad Bloggers or Parent Bloggers (as they like to be referred to so as to avoid the emasculation that would necessarily come of a dude being called a Mommy Blogger). Moms of cats, dogs, birds, and other pets have become Mom Bloggers too. Daycare ladies without uteruses write Mom Blogs. Sometimes it seems as though anyone who has ever taken care of another human being or other type of species that breathes (or maybe not) in a motherly or caretaking capacity can – at any point they deem appropriate – be referred to as a Mom Blogger. Also people that plan on one day doing any of that –  maybe, if they feel like it – can be Mom Bloggers too.

Are you starting to get the frustration, here? What’s the deal, Mom Bloggers? Is there anything left about motherhood in the Mom Blogging Universe anymore?

Who supports a Mom Blog?

It would seem that the community of Mom Bloggers would support each other. But that’s not always necessarily the case.

Sure there is a small group of Mom Bloggers that talk about each other, tag each other, Facebook each other, Tweet each other, reference each other, collaborate with each other, and other BFF-ish online interactions-with each other. But there are also a lot of Mom Bloggers that are pretty well left out of the group.

And every once in a while (and by that I mean at least a few times a day) Mom Bloggers of even the most popular and widely-read sort run into other Mom (or Dad or Parent) Bloggers that do not reciprocate support. That ignore certain factions of the Mom Blogging community, for whatever reason.

Again, I ask: what’s the deal Mom Bloggers?

No but really, what’s the deal Mom Bloggers?

So we already asked what the deal was with Mom Bloggers basically being anybody and anyone, male and female; whether they are really moms or not. We sort of alluded to asking “what’s the deal?” on the issue of the content of a Mom Blog (which is basically anything and everything). And the matter of reciprocation between Mom Bloggers – big and small – got a big “what’s the deal?” I would even upgrade that one to a “what the fuck” because it’s messed up to ever believe that you’re too big to be supportive of others in the community.

But the real question I have, Mom Bloggers, is about the skill level.

I used to tutor and TA when I was in graduate school, so I have read a lot of really shitty writing. I mean really shitty. I mean academic papers with “WTF” and “OMG” and one even with a smiley face emoticon. I once had a student show up having a hard time reading the word “philosophize.” And yet still those academic papers with all their illiteracies and their poor grammar and their 2nd grade reading levels were still better than some of the Mom Blogs I’ve read lately.

Some of the worst writers on this planet are the most popular Mom Bloggers. Some of the stupidest, most boring, most mundane content I have ever read in my entire life is coming from Mom Bloggers that are read more widely than the New York Times. And by contrast, some of the best writing I have ever read in the blogging world – from Mom Bloggers and otherwise – gets three or four hits, while “OMG pee poo diaper time whassup” got millions of views.

What. Is. The Deal. Mom. Bloggers?!?!

So you might say I’m feeling a little perplexed or reflective as to just what the deal is with the Mom Bloggers? I believe that a blog is just like any other piece of writing – it should be done well. It should be widely supported within its group of peers. It should have meaning and purpose, and it should be free of stupidity. Call me crazy, this is just how I’ve tried to run my own Mom Blog.

What do you think the deal is, Mom Bloggers? Or are you ignoring this post like many of the others because you believe you’ve grown too big?

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  1. i8there4irun

    Alright, Just going to jump in and ask (newbie-ish). How does one know if one is a “Mom-Blogger”? Is there a designation on WordPress? Is this an official title? Or are you just by default one because you happen to be a Mom that has a blog?

  2. watv3r

    Reblogged this on Big Fat Manifesto.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Happy Little Feet

    I love reading your honesty! I have to say I have read a few “big successes” and I am always confused who the heck is reading them!

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Same here! And thanks 🙂

  4. brooke

    Ummm., not to creep you out, but can we be best friends forever! LOVE this post, you are SO right! Sometimes, I feel like Mom Blogging is just like High School and I’m not the popular girl!

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      I think YES is the only appropriate answer haha ;D

  5. Christine (Moore Organized Mayhem)

    Now wait a cotton pickin’ minute! I ain’t no good at that there grammar stuff or hell, spellin’ or talkin’ or any of it. And yes, I have 3 kids, but I don’t want to write about them there critters all the time. I got a comic book collection to maintain and a bunch of beads that need to be made in to stuff. Don’t be callin’ me out like this.
    *And what’s wrong with a semicolon/winky smile? Gah!
    **And just because I’m almost 40 don’t mean I can wear blingy butt jeans. (Oh wait, was that off topic?)

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Hahahah … you said cotton pickin’

  6. Story of a Girl

    Awesome post!! I am such a fan! You touched on so many good points. I can’t stand bloggers that are too good for the rest of the world. However, my grammar blows! I type like a talk and I don’t even talk that great. haha
    Oh and I’m pretty sure the only people you will alienate yourself from are the people you are talking about. I’m not one of those people…right? ((as I’m now asking myself if you even know who I am)) hehe

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      I ask the same thing about myself for you, so I guess we know of EACH OTHER. I’m glad we cleared this up haha 😀 Thanks for your comment!

  7. just JENNIFER

    I don’t know if this makes any sense, but I’ve started calling myself a “Lifestyle Mom Blogger”. I really kind of feel like Mommy Bloggers are really only those with little ones, babies and toddlers. Because my children are older, I am not as obsessed with them as I once was, hence many other topics to write about are possible for me. I actually write about my inner demons more than my children. I don’t know. I think LIFE is what I blog about.

    Also, I surely hope that I would never become too big for my britches. I hope I would never become snobby towards other bloggers.

  8. Kim

    I’m totally doing a slow clap over here!!!

  9. Jenn

    I’ve read this post a couple of times and it really has made me think about this whole blogosphere, specifically in the world of what you’re referring to as “mommy blogs”. I guess my entrance into this “world” was really intended moreso as a release for me and less as entertainment for others or gain in notoriaty. I’m not a writer. MOST of the mommy bloggers I know are NOT writers by trade. I’ve read a number of the posts you’ve referred to as horrendous and mundane with poor grammar to boot. I get what you’re saying. At the same time as a blogger who looks at my blog as MY world, I suppose I see others’ blogs the same way. If someone is posting random, ill-written bs then maybe it’s because that is indeed how they were feeling that day. Maybe they spend all day being proper and in-line and their blog is the one place they can just let it out any way they want. If it doesnt resonate with me then I likely won’t continue to read. Chances are though that it does resonate with someone otherwise they wouldn’t have the readership or continue to write. As far as the reciprocation goes…that’s a tough one. I’ve never asked anyone to share my blog. If they do so because they found something moving in it, that is fantastic. I generally attempt to check out those who share me. If I find that I too am moved by their writing, then I will reciprocate. Unfortunately what I find more often is I am shared SOLELY for anticipated reciprocation. That isn’t genuine and not a game a choose to play.

    You’re clearly an educated, talented writer and you know what you’re doing. Numbers don’t mean a thing as long as you’ve reached at least one person who makes writing your thoughts worthwhile, right? Keep at it!

  10. becomingcliche

    I don’t think it’s just the Mom Blogs that are often lacking in quality. There’s a lot of poor stuff out there. We moms don’t have the corner on crummy content and execution. Not that bad bloggers should be executed. Maybe have a lifetime internet ban, but not execution.

  11. empressnasigoreng

    They are called “mummy bloggers” here: http://empressnasigoreng.wordpress.com/2012/10/22/media-watch-on-mummy-bloggers/ I don’t consider myself to be one – more a blogger who happens to be a mum (among other things).

  12. Love and Lunchmeat

    People find ways to get an audience via good marketing, not necessarily via good writing. Just ask E.L. James. For fear of being crucified, I’m not going to say anything else.

  13. Christine

    I pretty much only read book blogs, which is what I write as well. You are the only mom-blogger on my reader. I like your attitude. It makes me laugh.

    There is lots of crazy blog stuff out there, though. I accidentally stumbled into the far-right-men’s-rights-manosphere once. I’m still in shock. Those men hate women. And they get thousands of hits. Apparently, hating women is something that certain men really enjoy writing, and reading, about.

  14. mango1531

    Um.. If we had to wait centuries till they started calling them fireperson and police officer, then men are not allowed in the Mommy Blogger club- stop trying to steal our thunder dudes

  15. Frugalistablog

    I am not a BIG blogger with my 100 page views a day. And I know there’s crap out there. But I guess it defined me vs. me defining it. Does that make sense? Once I found my group of other moms and gals and dads out there, I felt like my writing took more definition. I don’t fall into the mom blogger category always, and I like to consider myself a humor blogger too. I have no idea if I’ve touched on your points. But I do hate the whole who ‘gets more hits and it’s crap’ formula.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      I totally understand what you are saying about the definition and agree!

  16. alienredqueen

    Your last paragraphs especially, remarking on the skill and intelligence level, just proves that any idiot can be a blogger…or a mom. :/
    Is it weird though that I draw parallels between your argument about the definition of “mom blogger” and the idea of gay marriage? Some people (not me) might argue that “marriage” (replace with “mom blogger”) is defined as a certain thing, and all these new laws being passed allowing same sex couples to marry are distorting the original intention (Dads and Daycare ladies being “Mom” bloggers???) Now, I fully support equal marriage rights, and I tend to agree with you on the whole “Mom blogger” thing, but you can’t deny the similarities. LOL

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      While I can see your correlation, I still think it’s a stretch hahaha. And you are so right – any idiot can become a mom (scary!!)

  17. hecallsmescroogy

    My Mom Blog is one of those well-written, scarcely-read ones of which you speak, right? Right? What…no? Damn.
    Keep on keeping on Heather. I love your snarkiness. Mom Blogs need more snark. Life is more colorful that way.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Snark is where it’s at!

  18. Quirky Chrissy

    I’m not a mom blogger, but I try really really hard to write quality content…with proper grammar and spelling. And if I or someone else notices a typo on my page (that wasn’t on purpose…) I FIX it. To that I say, what’s the deal, all bloggers? Not just mom bloggers. Otherwise the literary anthology of our age is going to end up being called 50 Shades of Grey and other poorly written stories that started on the internet.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      “50 Shades of Grey and Other Poorly Written Stories That Started On the Internet” … you need to copyright that shit, now!

  19. Words for Worms

    This post pleases me. There are a few blogs I’ve come across that I can’t for the life of me figure out why people love… But it’s like… I won’t write a post about it because I’m not all brave like you. And I cried the only time I got hate mail.

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      I’ve cried every time I’ve gotten hate mail. You are not alone.

  20. joy2wrld

    I have a background in applied mathematics and I’ve determined your conclusion to be sound. If a Mom Blogger is a mom who blogs then a mom who blogs is a Mom Blogger. I’m sure there are some corollaries that would go nicely in there – like dads who blog are also mom bloggers but they’re not moms therefore they are dads.

    I don’t know the world of blogging very well. I just sort of fell into it. I like to read and write. Spelling….ummmm…thank God for spell check. I haven’t really thought about it much other than finding blogs to read and writing the stuff I can’t necessarily say out loud to those around me …. or the stuff that makes me pee my pants laughing ….

    Can’t wait to read the other replies on here! Interesting take on it all!!!!

    1. Heather Christena Schmidt

      Nothing beats some logical arguments that go in circles hahaha

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