What Is Wrong With You People?

This afternoon I was cleaning up the various clutter that has taken over my house when I got a message from my friend Raynor.

We had just gotten home from our girl’s lunch. We went to Yama Sushi and had udon and yakisoba – my favorites, especially when it is cold. While there the tragedy in Connecticut was on the news, and I explained what happened and how we pray for those innocent children and educators, and for their families. Pookie told me that she hopes Jesus lets those kids play with our dog Watson, who died a few years ago.

So we were cleaning clutter and Raynor sent me a message with a meme attached. He was upset. He actually said he wished he knew who created the meme, because he would go kick the living shit out of the person. If you knew Raynor, you would know that Raynor doesn’t normally talk like that.

CTAs I looked at the meme I was pretty horrified. And here is where I ask: just what is wrong with you people?

Raynor sent me that message on Facebook, and so I then perused through the updates in my newsfeed. Almost everyone had posted about today’s tragedy, although a few were rambling on about guns not killing people, people killing people, and how there is no resolution to the mental health issues this country has been ignoring for decades. Another said that it’s sad, and she’s glad to know that would never happen in her town. I commented on six of those updates, each of them the same: what is wrong with you people?

Earlier this year when the Dark Knight Tragedy in Aurora, CO happened, I felt physically ill when I watched the news and saw an interview with an average movie-goer in Hollywood who said “that’ll never happen to us.” Then and now, I am just dumbstruck by the attitude with which so many people seem to be carrying on their lives.

What is wrong with you people that you cannot see that we have to change everything about our way of thinking, living, and breathing, or this same bullshit is just going to keep happening? What is wrong with you people that it all comes down to your guns and your freedoms and your tax dollars you don’t want to be spent on things you consider “needless”? What is wrong with you people that you cannot see that this culture of “it’s sad but it will never happen to me” is the biggest part of the problem?

I am not advocating for ridding the country of guns. I am not advocating for keeping them either. I am not saying all our tax dollars should go to mental health services. I am really not saying anything political or ideological, I am just saying that we need to wake up. Something is wrong with the entire way we are living our lives as an American people, and to me it seems that as a nation we are stuck in a hazy somnambulism. Everyone is asleep in the cozy comfort they have wrapped themselves in until something like what happened today happens to them.

What is wrong with you people that you can’t see it is wrong to politicize a tragedy? What is wrong with you people that you truly believe your ideological viewpoints are worth preserving more than the lives of innocent children? As I continued to message back and forth with Raynor about that terribly crass, and ultimately pathetic, meme he was so upset over, I kept perusing through my Facebook feed until I reached a point I could not take it anymore. That point was an update where someone posted: “What is wrong with people that they would take the lives of innocent children like that? No one is safe anymore!”

I signed out of my Facebook and thought about what I believe the real issue is. It isn’t that people are sick, people are demented, and that no one is safe because of them. It is that no one is safe anymore, so long as America is asleep. What is wrong with you people that you can’t see the only way to protect the innocent is to to wake up and make a change?


  1. rich

    brb. gotta pee.

  2. It’s A Dome Life

    I think you got it right. People think it happens to “other” people. Until it happens to them. We have a lack of empathy in this country. I also think you are spot on. What we are doing now isn’t working so lets change something…anything. Wake up people.

  3. sundog bersley

    Ah, your disturbance is refreshingly perturbing, but “waking up is hard to do”. Add to your angst file Joyce’s lines, “history is a nightmare from which I am trying to awaken.” He never indicated whether he did. Maybe Ulysses and Finnegan’s Wake were his clear-eyed vision of the horror. If the damned place could have awakened it would have done so a long time ago. There is no dream and no dreamer. Welcome to the zombie jamboree.

    Sundog aka Bersley

  4. jimcolv

    People are just bat shit crazy and have lost their ever loving minds.

  5. ruleofstupid

    You are right, the issue is not gun control, it’s a whole way of life.
    In the UK we have debt, yet the government is too scared to get their due from the big boys (Google, Amazon etc.) so they take from the poor. But you can’t take from the poor without looking evil. So the poor have been ‘re-branded’ as work-shy scroungers. Now the government can cut their benefits and leave them hungry and no-one protests.
    This ‘re-branding’ – or propaganda / spin – has us numb to what is happening. If you protest about the free-market or capitalism, you’re no longer humanitarian, your a new-age idiot. Being an idealist used to be a compliment, now it’s an insult. In this way our real human values have been eroded – love, compassion and care are pushed aside so we can focus on the ‘important business’ of making money.
    People are turned into statistics, numbers, workers, not really people. Is it really surprising that this alienation leads some to go off the rails? And if you turn people into things then some will see them as only things, with which they can do as they please.

  6. davidhardingblogs

    You put it all down so well, thanks.

  7. UndercoverL

    Reblogged this on So I Went Undercover and commented:
    My girl couldn’t have said it better. We are the only ones who can stop this. God bless those grieving while we are busy planning our holidays.

  8. UndercoverL

    When I heard about this I was on my way to pick up my son from kindergarten. I was not lulled into a sense that ‘this won’t happen to me,’ I was shocked into thinking, ‘how do I so this from happening to me?’ Then I thought about you and how you homeschool Pookie, and I thought, ‘Heather is a really great mom. She is protecting what she values most. Maybe I ought to take that path.’ It’s the only way you can guarantee that Pookie won’t suffer the same fate. You are a great mother, Heather. Only we, as parents, can stop this kind of thing from happening. We do that by keeping our kids close to us, both in proximity and emotionally. We are lucky, but we aren’t immune.

  9. maryisidra

    Very well said. Thank You. I am a very open minded sort of “Live and let Live” gal. BUT that meme thing is just Wrong!! A new fan/follower from Alabama…

  10. The Plucky Procrastinator

    Very insightful, and I agree wholeheartedly. Well said!

  11. April

    Brilliant. Heather this is brilliant. Thank you for this. I don’t think the issues could have been layed out more eloquently. I pray this post wakes up enough people to demand change.

  12. Frugalistablog

    I can’t click ‘like’ anymore now that I’m self-hosted, but you are damn right! We kill innocent foreign children ALL. THE. TIME. in the name of national security. We need change and I don’t know what it will be, but we need it.

  13. Connie

    I wonder every day what is wrong, and why so much is turning this tide of negativity into overdrive. I’m scared to leave my house most days, let alone let my own child out in that world. Huge, major changes need to be made, and with a quickness.

  14. Enchanted Seashells

    well said. I don’t know what’s wrong with people. I wonder that all the time.

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