Things I Have Learned In the Last Week

I suppose you most faithful of blog followers may have noticed I was relatively silent this last week or so. This was because on Monday of last week we entered what I will officially term Hip Hell 2013. My dad was in the final few days before his total hip replacement and he fell outside a gas station, where the attendant just stood there and refused to help him get up. From there it was a downhill spiral of bad, bad and more bad – from dealing with how he felt after the fall, to getting him into the hospital for his operation, to getting him well enough to leave the worst hospital on the planet – until finally my dad came home today.


In the last week I have learned a lot. In fact, I’ve probably learned more than in my entire time in graduate school – practical things, that you never would learn in a book or a lecture. And things about myself. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. My community really is full of assholes. I mean, you see an older man fall, you should probably help him. You never know what could have happened, and just ignoring him makes you a jerk. The number of people that ignored my dad when he tripped and fell at the gas station last Monday astounds me. I hope all of them rot in hell for being such assholes.

2. When leaving someone in pre-op to move on to their operation, with their wallet and house keys in your hand, saying something like “don’t worry, I’m going to max out your credit cards and spend all your cash” may actually – legitimately – raise their blood pressure instantly.

3. Sometimes when you tell a hospital you are allergic to a certain medication, they will still give you that medication anyway.

4. Medicare is a farse. Social workers that are assigned to assess what should and should not be covered for a patient on Medicare are even more of a farse.

5. Very few people that work in hospitals know what the shit is going on.

6. Hospitals are becoming meat factories: slice ’em, dice ’em, get ’em on the shelf and out of your hospital bed.

7. If you ever have to stay on the orthopedic floor of a hospital, expect to find some crazies. I was lucky on this note when I had my back surgery – I was only 13, so went to the children’s hospital. There were no crazies there (at least that I was aware of). When you’re an adult, you’ve got a much different set of bozos rooming with you.

8. On the orthopedic floor of the hospital for adults, it is not uncommon to hear someone screaming in the hallway at 2 o’clock in the morning that he/she is going to call the police. It often winds up being a man named Earl (wonder if it’s always the same guy?).

9. I am a Daddy’s Girl. I can’t take it when my dad is away from me for more than a couple days.

10. I am a Daddy’s Girl. My dad calls me a lot. The day of his surgery, he called me twenty-five times in the six hours after getting to his room.

11. I am a Daddy’s Girl. When confronted with the possibility that my dad might be going to an inpatient rehabilitation facility (instead of coming home), I cried for three hours. Straight.

12. I am a Daddy’s Girl. I always get my way (my dad came home straight from the hospital, and today, like I wanted).

13. When wanting to make sure a person doesn’t fall, for whatever reason, it’s as simple as strapping a regular pants-belt around their stomach so you can grab them. Works like a charm.

14. Walkers are the shit. I want one for myself. They’ve got these rad fucking baskets you can attach to them, so you never have to carry anything ever again.

15. If you are nauseous because you haven’t eaten in four or five days (nervousness and shitty hospital food), all you have to do is pork down a bag of popcorn and a package of Twizzlers and you feel like a million bucks again. Throw in a bowl of Rice Krispies and a baggie of dry Cheerios and you really feel good again.

16. They make these really cool toilet toppers for adults. As a mom, I thought they only made potty toppers for kids – you know, when they’re potty training? They have pictures of Dora or Thomas the Train on them, so your kid thinks going to the bathroom in the toilet is as exciting as watching TV. Well the adult ones don’t, but they are just as awesome – they actually raise the toilet up high enough so you barely have to get into a sitting position to use the pot.

17. Staying with a family member to help them after an operation really does feel sort of like a vacation. Even when medications and running errands for them is involved.

18. My dad walks really fast. I had forgotten this – it’s been about two or three years since he has slowed down considerably because of his hip problem. That’s how long it was prolonged, and now that he has a new hip he’s already ready to go. I like to refer to his walking pace as “rapid with a hint of rage.”

19. I am the source of my dad’s optimism. When we’re apart, he gets gloomy. But when I tell him everything’s going to work out great, he gets up, walks around, does his physical therapy, and says “fuck yeah – let’s do this.”

20. Did I mention I am a Daddy’s Girl? Yeah, big lesson on that for me this last week. I’m so happy my dad is home and I can get him back in top form. Thanks to everyone – friends, family, and bloggies – that have sent love and encouragement. Keep it coming!!


  1. My Nomad Life

    Hi, I discovered your blog yesterday and have been enjoying it. Hope your dad is doing well!

  2. njhasan

    I’m glad your dad is out of the hospital and doing well, Heather! A belt around the waist does help a lot, it works for me too. It makes you feel more secure to move around.

  3. UndercoverL

    So glad Daddy’s healing well, Heather! You’re a great daughter for being so supportive!

  4. bensbitterblog

    I’m thinking that something you learned is that you are a daddy’s girl. I cna’t believe people won’t pick up an old guy who has fallen.

  5. Another Clean Slate

    Your dad is lucky to have a daddy’s girl like you! Wishing him a quick recovery so you can do something fun together soon!

  6. Enchanted Seashells, Confessions of a Tugboat Captain’s Wife

    You aren’t telling me anything I didn’t already know about the state of mankind. I’m sorry your dad wasn’t helped by anybody. If I had been there, I surely would have come to his aid. I hope he has a quick recovery!

  7. Kanerva

    Glad your dad’s operation was a success. He walks like me: I just have to share your description with The Engineer. He’s always moaning I walk too fast 😉

    # 2 made me laugh. Sorry, it just burst out of me….

    Sounds like you have a cooperative patient at least, enjoy the recuperation!

    1. Kanerva

      and yes, people really are dicks. Sad, but true.

  8. donofalltrades

    My wife walked into a Wendy’s a few weeks ago and sees there’s a couple of pretty long lines of people waiting to order and off to the side is an old man hunched over and leaning against the wall like he’s about to fall or is having a heart attack. Two long lines of people just fucking minding their own business while this man is clearly in some sort of distress. So my wife, who is NOT a doctor or a nurse tries to help this poor bastard and had to use her own phone to call 911 for the guy. The paramedics think he was having a stroke or seizure when they arrived. Thanks society! Thanks for nothing again!! Dicks! Hope your dad heals up fast.

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