I Don’t Shave My Crotch, and Other Assorted Coffee Time Conversation

I had coffee with a friend yesterday. Coffee is sort of a weird way to say it, though, because I actually don’t drink coffee. So what I had was this blended iced milk with vanilla in it; it was big and full of sugar and something like 600 calories – but who’s counting, because at least it wasn’t coffee – am I right?

(I seriously cannot stand coffee.)

Anyway, so we were talking about I’m not sure what and then we started talking about other stuff, and somewhere in there she said “now don’t blog about this.”

So naturally I had to.

OK, but I won’t give any identifying characteristics (curly hair). Or what we were there for (crafting). Or what she drank (an Italian soda, also a non-coffee drink, which begs the question: why were we meeting for coffee and crafting when neither of us intended on drinking that horrific beverage?).

I will just say that we were having coffee (not really, I basically told you everything and also we weren’t drinking coffee) AND amidst all of that we were talking about how my ten year old is starting to grow boobs and I’m panicking about said boobs.

Because puberty is terrifying. As a mother, that is.

And we were talking about how neither of our mothers taught us much about femininity. Now my friend’s situation I cannot attest to, but my mother moved across the country when I was 10 years old to live 2,000 miles away from her daughter (that would be me) so that she could be available to shack up with a married man whenever he came around. Then when that fell through she stayed and I saw her over the summer and holidays – whenever my dad would force me to go.

When I got my first period, I happened to be visiting her, but she was too busy talking to her married boyfriend on the phone to help me deal. Otherwise, what I learned of femininity came from my wonderful and saintly aunt, and the occasional time that my dad took me with him to work and a female coworker would spend time talking to me.

Somehow that coffee time conversation turned into discussing the West Coast obsession (at least I hear it’s a West Coast thing, stemming from the porn industry) for women to go bald down there.

And somehow that turned me into saying way way WAY too loudly, in the middle of this coffee shop where I most certainly was not drinking coffee: “oh yeah, I don’t shave my crotch…never have, never will. What do I want to look like – a five year old girl?”

Now, maybe I don’t do that because I grew up with my dad, and was lucky to get out knowing how to put on pantyhose. Shaving anything was unchartered territory for me until my early 20s, and quite frankly shaving my pits and my legs is a miracle at this point.

But it also stems from my belief that only little girls have hairless netherworlds. Sorry, but it’s true. Ladies, you were born to have hair on your vaginas. There, I said it. But you all should accept it.

Before I wax too philosophical, though, let me stay on track. So I announced loudly to my local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (there I go with more details again) that I, in fact, do not shave my shit. I mean I was loud, and realized I had made an err when some young, clearly crotch-shaven, women at the table next to us looked over and snickered.

They were on Facebook on their computers, so I’m sure there’s a video or some shit of me yelling it for the world to hear just waiting to go viral right now.

Upon noticing this, I took a look around, as my friend and I continued to chat about all things not crotch-related (because we had already covered that territory). I took in the full scene at my local coffee shop and realized something:

People are really self-absorbed.

Each table contained someone or someones that all seemed self-absorbed. Someone came in trying to get her son in a wheelchair through the door, not a single person jumped up to help. Every which way you looked there were teenagers with headphone earbuds in, guys playing video games, and twenty-somethings checking their Facebook accounts excessively while ignoring each other talk.

The girls that clearly overheard my crotch hair proclamation took no less than 45 selfies.

All the while, it was loud and people were there, so you never would have known it was a room full of people that literally care about no one but themselves.

Now I’m not saying that when you go out for coffee on a Sunday, you’re supposed to engage the entire world and spend all your time meeting new people and helping out strangers.

But if the only thing that snaps you out of your self-awareness coma is some psychotic lady in yoga pants, drinking something other than coffee in a coffee shop, shouting as loudly as she can to her friend that she doesn’t shave off all her crotch hairs in the interest of not looking like a five year old …well maybe if that’s the only thing that makes you realize that others are out there, others exist, and others have things to say (clearly)…

…well maybe you need a reality check.

It’s a big world out there, people.

A lot of hairless and hairy crotches.

Put down your phones and your computers, take out your headphone earbuds, and look outside your bubble for something like twenty minutes the next time you’re at your local coffee shop.

Who knows what’ll happen. Moreover, who knows what you’ll hear.



  1. Your experiences growing up really remind me of my editor.

    I wonder how’d you react if you knew how much people like myself eavesdrop – in full poker face mode – on people like you in coffee shops while drinking not coffee.

    Thanks for the article,

  2. We live in a world where if you don’t instagram it, it doesn’t exist…scary right? I love this post!

  3. I also don’t shave my lady bits. I am also a man, which clarifies somewhat succinctly why I don’t do that.

    I just ran into your blog today – it was on a related/ recommended list in humorous blogs. I’m a complete idiot when it comes to blogs (I just started one and hardly know what I’m doing), and I suck reaching out. But I figured I’d try… to reach out to a self-identifying misanthrope. Yep. That’s happening. So if you’d like to check out my blog, it’s got some cool art in it mixed with stories/ thoughts.

  4. Misanthrope is my favorite word, and I really appreciate that you describe yourself as such. Also, as a fellow misanthrope, I hate you.

  5. I enjoyed this very much, it was funny, insightful and very true! I am old enough that I remember a time before cell phones and laptops and all social media. It is a sad state our society is in today……everyone is centered on themselves and no one or nothing else!! Good job at being so observant!!

  6. Porn is pretty much all shaved crotches these days. (Um, so I’ve heard, of course)

    You pretty much gotta go to a fetish site to see any hair. (Once again, so I’ve heard)

  7. It’s not just a west coast thing. It’s just a thing. And it’s been going on for about 25 years. Our moms’ generation didn’t do it. It started with gen x. It is now supposedly trending out of style.

    I did it in my early twenties, but rarely did I go full bald. (Only on accident when my ocd couldn’t seem to make it even.) Because gross. I say the same thing about looking like a child.

  8. originally the title of this caught my attention, but nice blog. I enjoyed it. 👌

  9. Now here`s what you learned about being female: Once you`re a grown up female you end up being happy just because some married guy wants to shag you every now and then. Once you are a grown up woman you seriously think about “to shave” or “not to shave”, which is ridiculous. Once you are grown up you go to coffee shops for no reason other than talking a friend about something that is as unimportant as shit. My favorite non-important lady-topics, by the way, are what do you eat (veggie or not), do you shave (right!), and would you ever go for Botox etc. WHY do I have to talk about these topics at all if I am not a journalist?! In my next life I would love to be a grown up man, and drink whiskey at a bar with my friend talkiing about having sex with all kinds of hairy females or not talk at all. Men surely don`t discuss their diets or their shaving techniques. (I hope they don`t!!).

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