County Supervisorial District 4

The Context

County Supervisorial District 4 is located primarily in the East portion of the County. It comprises areas like Simi Valley, Moorpark, and parts of Chatsworth.

This area is predominantly conservative. Blue Lives Matter flags and support the police and fire flags and signs are everywhere. Recently, my family moved to this community, and in the neighborhood there are more NRA stickers and “we believe in the 2nd amendment right to bear arms” signs on people’s cars and in people’s lawns than anywhere else in the county. It’s no surprise that in 2020, MAGA and Trump parades were a weekly occurrence in this district. Moreover, COVID has been an ongoing problem for now two years, and counting, with this district seeing higher infection and hospitalization rates than almost all other areas of the county. Vaccination rates in this area are also among the lowest.

As a result, it is my view that the candidate that infuses polices and fire, or has a history of doing so in other public office, will be the natural successor to the present supervisor, who is terming out: Bob Huber. A do-nothing, vote for nothing, restrict everything, give money to police and fire and grants to business owner buddies as much as possible supervisor himself, Huber has taken no financial position in this race.

However, the Firefighterss have launched a separate Political Action Committee to infuse funds into both Parvin and Gorell’s campaigns, in the neighboring district. They have so far raised and spent over $100K on Parvin’s behalf.

There are four candidates in this race.

Spending Breakdown

Janice S Parvin – $20K spent

Bernardo Perez – $22K spent

Dean Kunicki – $24K spent

Ed Abele – $10K spent

Parvin’s Notable Donations

Beyond the firefighters spending $100K on Parvin’s behalf, her most noticeable donation comes from the Ventura County Deputy Sheriffs Association. She has a host of local businesses, real estate agents, developers, and investment firms on her campaign finance disclosure; in fact, when going through, it’s just one LLC or LP after another.

Of note:

  • California Real Estate PAC
  • BMB Norcom
  • CHT Investment LLC
  • Desert-Candle LP
  • JCLIN Investment LP
  • LCTH Investment LP
  • Magnolia LP
  • Malaguena LP
  • Pachome LLC
  • Palmdale Summit LLC
  • Perez Family Funeral Home
  • Pinehurst LLC

And, Glenn Becerra for Simi Valley City Council, and Sheriff candidate Jim Fryhoff’s wife, Traci.

Perez’s Notable Donations

Perez is the clear Democrat running in this race. He does not have the fire and police support that Parvin has, which indicates to me that his chances of winning are only minimal; however, he does have an impressive lineup of local elected and retired officials, as well as a host of working class people that constitute the bulk of the residency in this district.

While the local unions have tended to donate to more conservative candidates this election cycle, Perez does seem to be the exception to that.

Of note:

  • LUINA No 585 AFL-CIO
  • SEIU 721
  • Central Coast Engineering
  • Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters
  • Carl Morehouse – former Mayor of Ventura
  • Stan Mantooth
  • Carmen Ramirez- County Supervisor, only under the name of “Maria” (something she has done on other candidate statements in this election)
  • Moorpark Democratic Club

Kunicki’s Notable Donations

A separate Political Action Committee has been formed titled California Taxpayers Alliance Primarily to Support Supervisor Kunicki 2022, however they have neither raised nor spent near as much as the PAC for Gorell and Parvin. The only organization listed in this PAC, in addition to several randomly named individuals, is Five S Properties.

Kunkicki did receive a donation from California Real Estate PAC, but otherwise has only raised $3700 this year.

He has primarily funded his own campaign with a $105K loan submitted in 2021, though still has $98K cash on hand.

Abele’s Notable Donations

Ed Abele gave himself a $30,900 loan, and has raised a minimal amount of funds from a handful of retirees and unemployed individuals, as well as some real estate agents and brokers.

He has only spent $10K.