HCSMasterClass – Writing for Whatever

This course, on sale now for only $20, gives you all the tools you need to kickstart your personal journey in writing, for whatever venture you may choose!

This course is perfect for those wishing to learn how to:

  1. Journal, focusing on using a journal to brainstorm other projects, prose, and poetry
  2. Start and maintain a blog, with readable content
  3. Plan and write fiction and non-fiction pieces
  4. Write with a higher level of technical proficiency (perfect for those looking to rework a cover letter or job tasks)

Welcome to HCSMasterClass in Writing for Whatever! In this course you will:

  • Learn the Who, Why, How, When, Where, and What of writing, for whatever;
  • Gain an in depth understand of the different ways you can write, and develop as a personal and professional level;
  • Learn the basics of writing for different purposes, which can serve you in many walks of life;
  • Discover innovative ways to market your writing (if that is your purpose for writing); and,
  • Receive 10 writing prompts that will help you practice your new craft.

When I was in graduate school, a professor once told me that the most important skill I would ever hone in my life was that of writing. I hope you enjoy my course and craft as much as I do!


  1. When do sessions begin, and how long do I have access to the course?

This is a downloadable course, the content is available to you to use and keep forever.

        2. I am looking for something to help me write my cover letter, will this course help me?

Absolutely! The fundamentals of writing are cross-disciplinary, as in they apply to several different types of writing – be it creative, technical, or free form blog-style. The added benefit is that a solid foundation in writing not only gets your foot in the door with a good cover letter and resume, but studies have shown that increased writing skills affect overall workplace performance.

        3. How much does it cost?

The price of this course is typically $50, however for a limited time I am offering it for $20! Grab your copy of it today!