Heather Christena Schmidt

Mom, first * Writer, second * Misanthrope, always


My name is Heather. I’m a mom, first. A writer, second. And a misanthrope, always.

I write about a whole host of things. All walks of life are unique, but it seems as though the characters in mine keep getting stranger. I also provide occasional updates on my life, not that any of you particularly care – but then how else will I remember those details when I am old and decrepit were it not for this, the online chronicle of my life?

1797629_743115439093_1755179033319100415_nI have three kids and a dog. We homeschool the oldest two, and the baby…well, he’s a baby.

My husband works in The Industry. For those not in The Industry, that’s film; and let me tell you – I hate it. He makes movie trailers and TV spots and other nonsense I don’t really see the hype over. He’s on night shift, which makes our life even crazier than the unique characters, the family dog that rules us all, and my general sense of misanthropy.

So this is my life. I would say that I march to the beat of my own drum, but that would require more movement and coordination than I’m interested in.




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