Generally not one for introductions, there are certainly a few disclaimers of sorts I feel obligated to get out of the way.

This story, in its entirety, is entirely true. I’ve not included any citations to facts stated, though, because that would give away the aspect of limited anonymity to it. Those of you that are local to me, personal within my life and social sphere, probably could look them up for yourself for verification, as you would know enough about me and where I live to make the correlations. If you are not in that group, but would like more verification, please click the Contact button and maybe we can work something out. 

I’ve changed the names to protect the innocent. By innocent, naturally, I mean me. I don’t want to get sued, so you’ll notice I’ve not only changed the names, I’ve just described characters in this story. If you find that one in particular is familiar, it’s probably just you being paranoid. Or, it’s you or someone you know. Interpret it how you will, it’s just a story after all and if you didn’t want it told, you shouldn’t have participated in it.

Should you believe what I have to say? You can. Or you can ignore it and call me crazy, or stupid, or part of some big, conspiratorial plan. That is neither here nor there to me, and why I made this entirely free for the taking. While there is a pay what it’s worth link, ultimately this is available in several forms and download  because it’s a reality that must be heard. Even if part of you doesn’t (or want to) believe it. 

People ask me if I plan to run for public office again, and my answer is a pretty solid “no.” Why is flushed out in the story that follows, but more importantly it is the bigger disease that is infecting America that deters me. Because make no mistake about it: this country, on every level, is sick. No longer simply hyperbole, America is broken, battered, suffering a very serious, perhaps deadly, illness – in every corner, every nook. We are on our death bed, and it is in the local political realm that you see that even more so than on the nightly national news.

But there is hope, or a possibility to turn it all around. In the end, it’s important to remember how it started out, is how it can return. Remember that in the beginning, the infection was initially mild.