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Stop Calling This A War

The global pandemic we currently find ourselves in is, without a doubt, not a war. It is not. Analogizing it to one is both incorrect, and irresponsible. Let’s walk through this. Donald Trump Is Not A War Time President Early on, after finally admitting that the virus causing COVID-19 infections

Let’s Just All Simmer The Frick Down

There’s been a refreshing and, simultaneously, not-so-refreshing trend this last week or two on the Internet, and that is that people have stopped talking about the demise of American society  and values as we knew them pre-Trump, and moved back to the ol’ getting offended at everything on the Internet.

If This Is America, It Is No Longer My Country; Or, Trump: the Anti-American President

If you are like me, you are overwhelmed by the news and events of the last 48 hours. America, in all its glory, elected a racist, homophobic, sexist, bigot to the White House. A man accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women. A man whose very campaign premises were based

Let’s Clear The Air On This Whole Don Trump Thing

Unfortunately – and I say that not really meaning what I’m saying – I might lose some followers after this post. It’s not really unfortunate. It’s good. It’s fucking great. Bye Felicia.   A little known fact about this here blog lady is that she (I’m talking about myself) used

I have some random things to complain about…

… so think I’ll do it here. Hope you guys don’t mind. It all started with – I think – the Superbowl. For one, I drank too much that day. That isn’t saying much for me, because I don’t drink a lot and I also am a super-duper lightweight. Nonetheless,

My Super Sunday

Was it really super? Not sure. Probably not in the way that all of you faithful blog followers had a “super” Sunday. I did not watch the Super Bowl. I think it’s an atrocity to the sport of football. I think it’s a case study in overindulgent American behavior. At

Reasons for Avoiding the 4th of July

I’m a real negative-nelly sometimes, I know… I am constantly posting about things I hate and reasons I’m annoyed.  But this is a B(itch)Log, right?  Right.  Plus, as painful as it may sometimes be for you, faithful blog followers, to tolerate my rants day after day, after day, you know

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