Reasons The Internet Has Become A Little Lame Lately

Is it just me or is the Internet becoming a little lame? I mean, without the Internet we all wouldn’t have been able to watch that amazing jump from the edge of space today. We wouldn’t be able to stay as connected as we do with our friends and family. And we wouldn’t be able to read fabulous blogs such as mine (bahahah … I’m fairly certain you all read my blog regularly out of pity, more than anything else).

But there are some things awry with the Internet lately.

#1 Everyone’s bitching about politics, or bitching about bitching about politics

I know, I’m one of the worst with the bitching about bitching about politics. I’m just so sick and damn tired of reading people’s little political tirades about this candidate doing this, and that guy they think is a Nazi. I’m also up to my ears in upsettedness about how disrespectful people are about the President. I know he is a Democrat and is a candidate in the race like any other, and not everyone will agree with his positions, but he’s also the President of the United States. That – in and of itself – deserves a very basic level of respect.

And the people that post these political tirades on Twitter and Facebook and shit just go on and on and on. It’s like paragraph after paragraph, with the need to click “continue reading” at least twice if you actually have some morbid curiosity in how the rant ends.

The thing that really sucks about this, though, is that now there are two camps of people: (a) the people that are bitching about politics, or bitching about bitching about politics; and (b) the people that have basically turned off the Internet until after the election.

#2 Bloggers just posting about how they blog

Do you follow a blog that does nothing but host list serves, blog about what blog followers are talking about about their blog, and post week recaps of posts and comments?

There is nothing wrong with hosting blog hop-style lists. I participate in quite a few.

There is nothing wrong with mentioning in a post what people have been talking about in the comments or the Facebook page of your blog. I do it often.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with posting a recap. I don’t do it, but I also don’t find anything wrong with it.

But if these things are all a blogger blogs about … it begs the question: where is the good blog content? It’s as if they don’t actually have anything to write about and are just doing the lists and the blogs about their blog to cover that up.

#3 Facebook’s acting like a dick

I just cannot get over the fact that Facebook openly admits that they will only allow about 10 – 15% of your Facebook fans (of fanpages) to see what you share on your page. It’s outright extortion – the only way to actually have your followers see what you post is to pay.

So I log on to my B(itch)Log fanpage Facebook profile, and I want to see what is going on with the other blogs I normally network with. But because I’m only part of that small 10-15% of the ones I follow, my feed is made up of not much I want to see, combined with a scramble of posts from weeks ago.

It makes me not even want to waste my time logging onto that Facebook page anymore.

I’m not sure what it is, what is happening. Maybe it’s because of political season. Maybe the Internet is finally really jumping the shark. So is the Internet being lame for you too?