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Mark Your Calendars

My next book is coming out, in exactly one week. One. Week. That's seven days. And since I'm posting this so late in the evening, many of you won't read it until tomorrow, making that LESS than a week. Exciting stuff, I know. So at the mark of the one week countdown, I am thrilled… Continue reading Mark Your Calendars

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Caption This: Giveaway Game Day 2

Hey guys! If you didn't get the MEMO, I'm hosting a giveaway of a swag bag, which will contain my new book - coming out April 15th. There are several ways to earn entries to win one of the two randomly selected raffles - outlined HERE - but the easiest is to caption three days… Continue reading Caption This: Giveaway Game Day 2


Photo Caption Contest: Day 1

Hey guys! I'm hosting a photo caption contest over on Facebook. At the end of the contest, two winners will be selected at random to win a swag bag and a free copy of my new book. Here's the linkie to get in on the action; you MUST play along at least THREE DAYS over… Continue reading Photo Caption Contest: Day 1

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Apply to Review My Newest Book!

Hey everyone! If you - like me - love free shit, then I've got just the thing for you: You can receive a signed copy of my new book, a Starbucks gift card, and a free swag bag of book-themed items. The value of this package is $100! The return is that you agree to… Continue reading Apply to Review My Newest Book!


Life was so much simpler back in 2011…

I don't know, you guys. I've been going through my comments from the entire lifetime of my blog, and I'm getting so nostalgic for my posts of yore. Life was so much simpler then, you know? I used to tackle some really important topics. Like whether or not there was a prostitution ring going on… Continue reading Life was so much simpler back in 2011…

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My Fourth Book Cover Is Here, and It’s Giving Me Feelings

I consider myself to be a generally flat person. I don't mean that I am one of those robot people with no feelings. I just mean that I usually have one mode, unless I'm at home and no one is looking at me: laughing at everything. Maybe flat isn't what I mean to say. Inappropriate?… Continue reading My Fourth Book Cover Is Here, and It’s Giving Me Feelings