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Wine Is No Longer A Part of My Narrative

I remember the general time period when I started to question whether or not my husband and I were drinking too much, too often. It wasn’t one incident in particular, rather a group of them. It was Easter Sunday several years ago when I walked into a back room at

Did Somebody Say Aebleskiver Asylum?

Okay, I didn’t really have any aebleskivers; yet, of course. And I’m not in an asylum. But yesterday I started off my three day tour of this strange Danish town by sharing with everyone the story of how my husband sent me to Solvang, CA, on a little bit of

So I guess I was right, huh?

Nothing is worse than someone who gloats.  I mean, the old “I told you so” gets pretty old, especially when you already feel stupid as is for whatever you may have been wrong about. Well, faithful blog-followers, today I don’t care.  Today, I’m going to be as gloating and pretentious

Four Things Not To Do At Your Wedding

Let’s go with another list, only this one is not so much about my train-wrecks in the dating world as it is about what to not do at your wedding. Of all the weddings I have been to, at least one or two things have been done that made just

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