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Get a Little Cray Cray

Do you see the crazy in my eyes, there, faithful blog followers?  While it’s definitely there, it’s not the kind of crazy that I am looking for right now.  The other day I saw someone post on Facebook “What’s going down tonight – I feel like getting cray cray!”  And

Don’t Forget To Take The Poll

Which current photo trend is more hideous, more vile? Duckface? or Fat Tongue … Duckface… or Fat Tongue? Don’t forget to cast your vote!  And if you haven’t already vomited up the contents of your dinner, watch this video…

Duckface VERSUS Fat Tongue

There are always going to be trends that come and go, usually propelled (and expired) by the 15 – 32 age group.  Sometimes kids a little younger catch on and people say what kind of parents allow that?, just as occasionally people a little older join the fun, only to

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