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REMINDER: You Do Not Have To Post On Facebook To Be Grateful

Shocking, I know. You are capable of being something – anything – without posting it on the Internet. A lot of people are doing that whole month long grateful post thing. You know, the thing where every day, for the entire month of November, you post a pithy status update

To All You Jerks Looking For Something To Be Thankful For…

In the previous two years, I’ve made it sort of a tradition to talk crap about people that do that daily thankful post on Facebook. See post one here… See post two here… It always goes the same (the posts on Facebook): Day 1 Then by a week in, Day

STFU Fridays: “I’m Thankful For …” Facebook Posters

Ok, so after this week’s Shut the Fuck Up Fridays, I’m probably going to lose about 75% of my Facebook friends after they get a gander at this one. But hear me out before you all get your panties in a wad. The Cliche “I’m Thankful For…” Facebook Posters Are

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