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Please Stop Telling Me I Should Do Things For A Living

The title, alone, sounds ridiculous. Please stop telling me I should do things for a living? What do I expect - to sit around and do nothing as a grown ass adult? No. That's not what I mean at all. A couple weeks ago, we had a little family and friend get together for my… Continue reading Please Stop Telling Me I Should Do Things For A Living


Today Was A Strange Day, Indeed

Have you guys ever had a day that was just so bizarre it seemed like someone may have slipped some magic mushrooms into your lunch? We're talking crazy strange - like out of this world strange; and it never happens like just one weird thing and then it's all over. It's like twenty weird things… Continue reading Today Was A Strange Day, Indeed


A Merry Cantankerous Christmas To You

Have I mentioned to all of you faithful blog followers before that I hate the holidays? The spending and the family and the lines and the gimme-gimme-gimme-what'd-you-get-mes... it is all just a little much for me. So as we now close into the final stretch, I've pretty much been drinking heavily, swearing profusely, and emotionally… Continue reading A Merry Cantankerous Christmas To You


Party Peeves

We went to a couple family parties this weekend. One was a Labor Day bar-b-que - which was relatively mild; the other was a family dinner in honor of the seventh birthday of my cousin's kid. These parties (the latter for the most part) inspired me to compile yet another list of pet peeves. Today… Continue reading Party Peeves