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Food Prices, Cantaloupe in the Crotch, and a Run-in With Hello Kitty Toaster

Today was a food-centric day. Not that I ate a lot. I had a ham and lettuce sandwich for breakfast (I don’t really like breakfast food). I had a salad for lunch that was made of romaine, carrots, feta cheese, and low fat ranch. And I had stir fried turkey

Body Parts I Won’t Eat, and other Odd Cuisine

If you are a member of my family, just exit now. You do not want to read this, particularly at the end when I talk about the nether regions I do not eat. People eat some of the weirdest shit. Seriously. I know that a lot of the attitudes we

The Burger Queen

For a very brief stint in high school, I worked as a fast food harlot.  Okay, I wasn’t so much a “harlot” as I was a queen, but you get the point.  I was that girl that you can never understand in the drive thru intercom, who chomps her gum

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