Photo Caption Contest: Day 1

Hey guys!

I’m hosting a photo caption contest over on Facebook. At the end of the contest, two winners will be selected at random to win a swag bag and a free copy of my new book.

Here’s the linkie to get in on the action; you MUST play along at least THREE DAYS over the next two weeks. (Don’t worry, I’ll be sending a lot of reminders.) Winners will not be selected by the merit of their caption, just for playing along and having some fun.


Behold, today’s photo:

You can also still apply to receive a free copy of my book and other free stuff by reading and Amazon reviewing my book. Here’s the link for that: REVIEWER LINK

So there’s a lot of really fun stuff going on over here. Make sure you follow my blog and/or my social media channels to keep your finger on the pulse of it all. My book comes out April 15th…and I haven’t even told you the name! Well that’s coming soon…


Pookie and Poor Nick Make a Puppetshow

So last night my husband participated in a puppetshow Pookie made. I told her to take a short kid’s story and turn it into a Halloween-themed one.

Fortunately, I recorded it. I never knew my husband was such a vocalist.

On an unrelated note, I’m pretty sure I’ll never be seeing my husband again after he sees I did this one.

Watch my video blog about it, here:

Happy Halloween!!