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Life Goals Achieved This Week

I actually don't have that many life goals. I used to, but I either 1) achieved them already, or 2) gave up on them. The big one I gave up on was graduate school and becoming a college professor. At one time, it was my only goal; now it's something I have absolutely zero interest… Continue reading Life Goals Achieved This Week

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I Might As Well Move To Stepford At This Point

Did any of you see the Stepford Wives movie? Either the first, or the second - if you didn't, you really need to. It's about a town called Stepford, where everyone acts so stereotypical in their gender roles you'd be crazy to not think something was up. As it turns out in the end (spoiler… Continue reading I Might As Well Move To Stepford At This Point


My No-Vomit Rule, and Other Assorted Hypochondrias

I've had writer's block for going on two months now. Haven't written a thing; in fact, I haven't even tried. I just stopped caring, and I'm not sure why. But I knew the urge to write, and to write on this blog, would come swooping back at some point. Swooping back like a hard and… Continue reading My No-Vomit Rule, and Other Assorted Hypochondrias


Countdown to Christmas… How To Wrap Gifts

I hate the holidays. I mean, I think we've established that I hate pretty much everything. And everyone. And myself. But I really fucking hate the holidays. Some of you may or may not have been around here long enough to know all the fun details of my relationship with my mother. In a nutshell:… Continue reading Countdown to Christmas… How To Wrap Gifts


Chicagoland Bloggie Friend Frolic

I'm super duper sorry that I've been so minimal on the blog these last few weeks, you guys. It's just that life got crazy a few days before we left for vacation, and it's only now calming down as we go into the second week of our month-long stay in the Chicagoland area. So before… Continue reading Chicagoland Bloggie Friend Frolic


Buy My Book Now, Or Else My Next One Will Be About You

Kidding. (Not kidding.) Okay you guys, my book was set to come out on Tuesday, June 4th. Tomorrow for me. Today at this point for some of you. Then I got an email today saying it would be delayed because of some bullshit on Amazon. I was so devastated. I threw myself around for about… Continue reading Buy My Book Now, Or Else My Next One Will Be About You


My Hypochondriosis

I am sick right now, which means I've been pacing around for the seven days that I've been sick worrying that something very serious is wrong with me. Of course everyone in my family has been sick, and I clearly just have a cold; but in the past few days I've self-diagnosed myself with tuberculosis,… Continue reading My Hypochondriosis