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Apply to Review My Newest Book!

Hey everyone! If you - like me - love free shit, then I've got just the thing for you: You can receive a signed copy of my new book, a Starbucks gift card, and a free swag bag of book-themed items. The value of this package is $100! The return is that you agree to… Continue reading Apply to Review My Newest Book!


How To Avoid Pregnancy In 6 Steps

I'm at that time in the month when I really want to have a baby. My period just stopped. The hormones have yet to get back to normal, though, because it's really the last day of the cycle - so I'm weepy about it too. My ovaries are getting ramped up to fire out another… Continue reading How To Avoid Pregnancy In 6 Steps


The Winner and My Winner

Two orders of business I did not include in my previous blog post, oh faithful blog followers. (By the way, if you are so faithful you should perhaps consider "liking" my blog's page on Facebook, and sharing. I share back like that hooker you met in Vegas shared her venereal disease)!! The Winner You people… Continue reading The Winner and My Winner