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From Now On, I’ll Do Me

I haven't had much time to write for the last few months. I've written, just not on my blog. Still, I hadn't realized how long it's been since I checked in with you guys until a couple weeks ago. My daughter was playing a for-fun tennis match with a friend, and the friend's dad asked… Continue reading From Now On, I’ll Do Me


An Open Letter To My Family, Friends, and Casual Acquaintances

Today marks four weeks since my husband started his new job. Our lives kind of-sort of revolve around his work schedule - well that, homeschooling, tennis, and you know...daily life. But everything is sort of geared around his very hectic, often unpredictable schedule; if it didn't, our idea of being a family would be waving casually to… Continue reading An Open Letter To My Family, Friends, and Casual Acquaintances


Ironies in My Home

Friday I ranted on STFU Fridays about hipsters, which is very close to home for me because I'm married to someone that wishes with every breath in his body that he were a hipster. From his belief that he has a superior taste in music, to the douchey Fedora and neon green-rimmed sunglasses he hasn't… Continue reading Ironies in My Home