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[Just A Long Post About Laundry]

UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. We need to talk about laundry. I don't know about you guys, but laundry is probably going to be the thing that does me in. Honestly. It's not the cooking, which I loathe and yet find myself spending about three hours a day doing. It's not the cleaning, which - again - I'm not… Continue reading [Just A Long Post About Laundry]


The One-Question Laundry Poll

I hate doing laundry. Although, while I hate to do the laundry, what I hate the most is the folding and putting away part. I just can't take that. I'm writing a blog and need some input from you faithful blog followers. It isn't about whether or not you enjoy doing laundry (if you do,… Continue reading The One-Question Laundry Poll