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I Need A Babysitter Who Will Work For Free and Not Be a Bad Influence

We used to have a mother’s helper. She came over two times a week, for three hours each time. She’d help with picking up around the house, dishes, lunch, homeschooling, and so on. For the three months she worked for us, it was great. Sort of. I got to leave

Did Somebody Say “Get Me Away From These Douchey Danes!”?

Let me start by refreshing everyone’s memory: My husband freaked out a little bit because I was sitting around crying being so kidless and fancy free, the Pookies being gone for this 12 day trip away from me. For the record, I was not crying because I had free time,

A Weekend of Alternative Parenting

I am not even sure what “alternative parenting” means, to be quite honest. I Googled it and Attachment Parenting came up – not the concept I am talking about right now by any stretch of the imagination. No, faithful blog followers, when I say I had a weekend of “alternative parenting” I

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