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I’ve Been Binge Watching True Crime Before Binge Watching True Crime Was Cool

I’ve been watching a lot of true crime lately. Like daily. I am absolutely addicted. I dream about it. I’d like to think it started with the new season of Making a Murderer, but the truth is it started when I was a small child. My mom used to watch

10 Reasons To Never Leave the House in 2016

I am a homebody. That’s putting it nicely. I go out so infrequently that I went almost a year before needing an oil change in my car, based on mileage. I go out so infrequently that I forgot I owned regular pants. I go out so infrequently that I often

Christmas (sort of) in July

So last night I was still not giving much of a shit about parenting or cleaning up like a slave or anything, so I decided my husband and I should watch a movie on Netflix to bide the time until we went to bed and began another night of trying

Netflix = Capitalism, and other related topics

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now: ┬áNetflix has restructured their rates, and a lot of people are up in arms on the way these changes will be affecting them. ┬áReportedly, over 10,000 posts (most negative) were made to Netflix’s Facebook page this Tuesday after the announcement of the restructuring

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