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Survey Says…

The results are in! A while ago, I sent out a survey to you guys on Surveymonkey, and the responses were OVERWHELMING. Just kidding, a ton of people took the time to click the survey; a mere 17 of you took the time to complete it. To you 17...a sincere and heartfelt thanks... To the… Continue reading Survey Says…


An Open Letter To Facebook From a Blogger

Dearest Facebook - On behalf of the blogging community, I have to say: we are all feeling a little put out by you lately. When you first came on the scene, we all jumped ship from Myspace and came over to you. It was fickle and - for many of us - a little hasty,… Continue reading An Open Letter To Facebook From a Blogger


Body Odor

There are so many advantages to the Internet.  Beyond networking, sales, job opportunities, access to information, online dating, friend-making, gaming, entertainment, free and inaccurate diagnosis of all your medical ailments, event information, and the like, it is a really great way to avoid contact with other people as much as is humanly possible.  With the… Continue reading Body Odor