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10 Reasons To Never Leave the House in 2016

I am a homebody. That’s putting it nicely. I go out so infrequently that I went almost a year before needing an oil change in my car, based on mileage. I go out so infrequently that I forgot I owned regular pants. I go out so infrequently that I often

Countdown to 2016, Part Two: Do Not Resolve To Clean More

I have a housekeeper, and I am not ashamed to admit it. I used to be ashamed to admit it. People would say in the whiniest voice imaginable: “why don’t you just clean it yourself, I do!” Or: “I just couldn’t trust someone else to do my job.” And then

Countdown to 2016, Part One: Do Not Resolve To Juice Cleanse

New Year’s Resolutions are among the most irritating things to hear people talk about. Not only do very few people actually follow through on them, but it speaks of a particular type of sadness that there are those who legitimately need a holiday to do things they should already be


… SO ANGRY THAT I HAVE TO SCREAM IN CAPITAL LETTERS OVER THE INTERNET! Whew! That made me feel better. Now back to topic: It’s the new year. 2014. Yippity frackin’ do. I’m so excited to see all the people join gyms and post their run keeper status updates on

Two New Years Resolutions I Will Be Making This Year (Even Though I Don’t Believe In New Years Resolutions)

I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions. Never have. The crux of my argument is simple: if I want to be a better person in X area, I should just do it. The new year is no more a new start than the morning is. It’s just time and my

My Complete List of (Planned) 2013 Failures

Do you like setting yourself up for failure? I sure know I do. I used to think that if I never tried at anything, then I would never fail. Then I realized that never trying was in a sense failing too, so I started trying but realized that if I

New Years Countdown Series, Day 2: a Resolution You SHOULD Make

Actually there are really TWO resolutions you should make, the first and very real being more generosity to the poor. The world economy is in a shit-tank, with over 80% of the world’s population living on far less than $10 a day. Only 20% of homeless people in the United

New Years Countdown Series, Day 4: Resolution a’Don’t Do It

We’re four days to the New Year and I realized today that it is an absolute necessity that people not make resolutions this year. Seriously. Think about it – every year, people make the most typical and cliched resolutions they can find. “I’m going to find true love” and “I’m

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