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Caption This: Giveaway Game Day 2

Hey guys! If you didn't get the MEMO, I'm hosting a giveaway of a swag bag, which will contain my new book - coming out April 15th. There are several ways to earn entries to win one of the two randomly selected raffles - outlined HERE - but the easiest is to caption three days… Continue reading Caption This: Giveaway Game Day 2


Photo Caption Contest: Day 1

Hey guys! I'm hosting a photo caption contest over on Facebook. At the end of the contest, two winners will be selected at random to win a swag bag and a free copy of my new book. Here's the linkie to get in on the action; you MUST play along at least THREE DAYS over… Continue reading Photo Caption Contest: Day 1


Duckface VERSUS Fat Tongue

There are always going to be trends that come and go, usually propelled (and expired) by the 15 - 32 age group.  Sometimes kids a little younger catch on and people say what kind of parents allow that?, just as occasionally people a little older join the fun, only to be thought of as faking… Continue reading Duckface VERSUS Fat Tongue