Tag: random experiences

Some Kids Are Real A-holes

For God’s sakes! I just posted today’s blog post about big girl panties (which ended up being way more serious than I intended it to be), and then we went to lunch. You’d think that lunch would be pretty uneventful and not inspire me to come home and immediately write

Conversations With Nick: Are You Having an Affair?

… with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut intricately to look like Cher? I’m not even sure how to get into this one. I don’t really actually believe my husband is having an affair – like sleeping with someone else. I do, however, know that he has something else

Tube Tops and Toaster Ladies: Weekend in Review

In reality, every day of my life is a weekend. I don’t work and I homeschool, and my husband works most weekends, so it’s all pretty much the same to me. This weekend was no different than any other, although there were also the not-so-usual characters that crept up on

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