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I Went Camping And Survived

Okay, so let's start this off by saying that to call what I did "camping" is a bit of a stretch. Four nights were in a hooked up RV with running water, air conditioning, and electricity; in an RV park with free Wifi by the beach. Two nights were in a hotel. Regardless of those… Continue reading I Went Camping And Survived


I have some random things to complain about…

... so think I'll do it here. Hope you guys don't mind. It all started with - I think - the Superbowl. For one, I drank too much that day. That isn't saying much for me, because I don't drink a lot and I also am a super-duper lightweight. Nonetheless, I drank too much because… Continue reading I have some random things to complain about…


I Like The Cold

People always look at me like I'm a complete moron when I tell them that I like the cold. As in cold outside, you know: snow, sleet, wind chill. I get jealous when I see that there are blizzards going on somewhere in the world. I live in California. Particularly, Southern California. We have one… Continue reading I Like The Cold


Calling All Book Reviewing Bloggers…

... who don't mind using the word "Bitch" in their blogs... I'm looking for five, fine and fancy free bloggers to make a solid commitment to review my book, coming out on Tuesday, June 4th - My Wife's A Bitch. As a part of the review, you'll receive: a free, signed copy of the book… Continue reading Calling All Book Reviewing Bloggers…


Good News! The Porn Industry Is Coming To My Town!!

So we ran a couple of errands tonight. Those errands included: dropping a frozen turkey off at my dad's house for Easter Sunday, getting the guinea pig birthday presents for his first birthday (coming up this Monday), and to CVS to get dish soap. I know. Big night for the B(itch) family. As I was… Continue reading Good News! The Porn Industry Is Coming To My Town!!


Conversation Stoppers

I'm not a big fan of talking to a lot of people in my everyday life. There aren't many - mostly my mom (sometimes), my dad (too much), my husband (when his job lets him) - but that doesn't change the fact that many of their conversations with me turn into requests. Or discussion about… Continue reading Conversation Stoppers


My Horrible Evening At Pukeplantation

Am I overwhelming you most faithful blog followers with too many posts? This is something like the fourth in two days, I've just really had a lot to say these past few days. I promise, I'll slow down (maybe). Went to dinner this evening. Just me and Pookies, which meant that it ended up being… Continue reading My Horrible Evening At Pukeplantation