Things That Need To Stop Now – Summer 2012

I have a new series on this blog I’d like to call: Things That Need To Stop Now. The intended content of these blogs is self explanatory, so let’s just get to it.

Things That Need To Stop Now

Summer 2012

1. Hipsters. Hipsters are nothing more than filthy, nasty, under-showered and over-moustached wannabes. Every time I go into an Urban Outfitter or an American Apparel I realize just how stupid our culture has gotten that guys rocking oversized, neon-colored tank tops and brostaches are the coolest we have to offer.

2. Lying. Is it just me or do people lie way more now than they used to? It also seems like people now think that if they can justify the lie it’s okay. “Sure, I lied to you about stealing all of your money, but I really needed to pay my mortgage and my car payments so thought it would be okay.” Lying is a gateway to almost every other bad deed.

3. Marriage Meddling.So my marriage was meddled in last week – I mentioned it in a previous post. It went beyond just a random and completely rude Facebook comment though from said meddler; it went into a ridiculous email conversation that resulted in nothing but hurt feelings and unnecessary drama. I took a poll after that to see what my readers thought of people that meddle in marriages and overwhelmingly the readers responded “no one – my marriage, my life.” There were a lot of other great comments and votes as well, but that “no one” came in at a whopping 70%. I’d say marriage meddling needs to stop now.

4. Use of text lingo in everyday conversation. I really and truly feel like beating my head into a very hard and cold steel post every single time someone says to me in person or on the phone “LOL” or “OMG.” Who taught you nimrods to talk like this? I am taking a class this summer as well, and in the etiquette for said class the professor actually said that LOL would be accepted.

5. Cuts to education.No for real you guys – this isn’t stupid or funny, but it is most certainly making everyone idiotic. The budget cuts in California have hit education at such unprecedented levels this year that I am now thinking homeschooling is going to have to be more than just “short term.” It’s in the community colleges as well. I – a two time college graduate and part of the way through a graduate degree – cannot even easily take a painting class for fun, paying my own money for tuition, because of the cuts. Someone needs to fire every politician and union representative that cannot understand the very basic equation: “more students + more education = more money in the economy and a partial solution to the deficit.”

6. Facebook bullying. I have seen quite a few of those eCards and memes floating around lately making fun of people that use Facebook as their virtual diary. While it may seem that I, personally, post way more about my personal life out there (all over really), if I really posted some of what goes on in my daily life or my head you all would probably cringe. But the beautiful thing about the Internet is that if someone wants to post something cringe-worthy, they should be able to do so without someone saying they are off their rocker or worthy of being judged. When people judge others and make fun of them publicly for doing something they don’t like, they are nothing but bullies. It’s sad that these people I see posting these things are adults too.

7. Jelena. I have no idea why I thought of this the other day, but I thought I should Google “are Justin and Selena still dating” and I found – literally – hundreds of answers, speculations, and Yahoo Questions. Get a fucking life, people. Or maybe I should get a life too.

8. Overuse of the Internet and cell phones. Seriously. As I sit here, my husband has been on vacation for seven days now and he has spent so much time on his cell phone and computer that he may as well have just been at work. But this is a problem I think our culture has – we just cannot disconnect. This needs to stop, and now. People need to be able to let go for a few days.

9. Movies in Hollywood. I don’t mean all movies, I suppose. I think I just mean these hackneyed, bull shit remakes. How many fucking Snow White movies came out this year? And just what the hell was the point of yet another Spiderman? I saw an ad where this one had a crocheted mask. Is that the only difference? Movies in Hollywood need to stop now as they are currently being made.

That’s my list. For now, that is – I have quite a few more stored up there in the annals of my brain. What do you faithful blog followers think needs to stop, and now?