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I Went Camping And Survived

Okay, so let's start this off by saying that to call what I did "camping" is a bit of a stretch. Four nights were in a hooked up RV with running water, air conditioning, and electricity; in an RV park with free Wifi by the beach. Two nights were in a hotel. Regardless of those… Continue reading I Went Camping And Survived

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No Such Thing As Global Climate Change, MY ASS

We've been in the throws of a heatwave for three weeks now. It's more like a heat tsunami. It's basically hell. We live in hell now. The issue, actually, isn't the heat or humidity - per se. It's the fact that fucking no one in this town has air conditioning; save for the newer houses… Continue reading No Such Thing As Global Climate Change, MY ASS

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Summer Is Basically the Worst Right Now

  IT IS SO FUCKING MISERABLE OUTSIDE. be fair, it really isn't entirely miserable. I mean, it's not like in the south where it's 100 degrees and humid. It's not the Midwest either, and it's certainly not equator-weather. Nonetheless, it's hot out; hot for coastal California. And it's humid; and basically no one has… Continue reading Summer Is Basically the Worst Right Now


Saying Goodbye to Summer

I don't mean "saying goodbye to summer" as in it's nice and cool and you can all break out your Uggs and seven-layered scarves and crap. No, no - as I sit here and think about changing my shirt since the boob sweat has now soaked through - no, I don't mean that. I mean… Continue reading Saying Goodbye to Summer


Losing Touch With the World

Today was Day 1 of Week 2 in "My Kid Is Better Than Yours Hell." For those of you that don't know what I am talking about because you haven't been keeping up on my blog lately, every summer there is this crunch time in which all of the extra-curricular and other community activities we… Continue reading Losing Touch With the World