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Survey Says…

The results are in! A while ago, I sent out a survey to you guys on Surveymonkey, and the responses were OVERWHELMING. Just kidding, a ton of people took the time to click the survey; a mere 17 of you took the time to complete it. To you 17...a sincere and heartfelt thanks... To the… Continue reading Survey Says…

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ISO Social Media Help (Because I’m Social Media Dumb)

You guys, I don't even *really* know what ISO means. I mean, like, I think it means in search of; but I also don't know when is actually the most appropriate time to use it. Like when I type it I feel like I'm some weird, middle aged pervert putting out a personal ad. MWF ISO… Continue reading ISO Social Media Help (Because I’m Social Media Dumb)

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I Lost 31 Facebook Friends Today Because I Posted About My Anxiety Disorder

By "lost" I mean that I gave them the boot. They were all family. My husband's family, to be specific. I have an anxiety disorder. It's mostly hormonal at this point, but the more I deal with it the more I realize it's also situational. Situational in the sense that I feel a huge conflict… Continue reading I Lost 31 Facebook Friends Today Because I Posted About My Anxiety Disorder


5 More Pieces Of Crap On Facebook

There is a lot of crap on Facebook. It's bad enough that Facebook often doesn't work. That Facebook doesn't let followers of your "like" pages see half your shit. That Farmville and Cafe World still exist. But man there is a lot of other crap on there - crap people use and share and burden… Continue reading 5 More Pieces Of Crap On Facebook


To The Writer Of “Dear Mom On the iPhone”

To the writer of "Dear Mom On the iPhone" - This morning I woke up and served breakfast for everyone in the house. I sat down to eat my own, and as I always do, I checked my email, Twitter, and Facebook. I did miss the moment when my daughter spilled milk all over the… Continue reading To The Writer Of “Dear Mom On the iPhone”


48 Hour Technology Strike

Keep track of my strike time at I'm going on strike. Not from a job because - I think we all know - I don't work. I mean I work at the most thankless job on the planet (housewife and SAHM), but there is no monetary compensation for that. Yet. No, I'm going on strike… Continue reading 48 Hour Technology Strike


STFU Fridays: Rude Comments

Ugh. That is a new thing in our house. Everything that is disliked, annoying, arduous- just about anything distasteful - begins with a big, long "UGH." It started when Pookies didn't want to do chores and just started flopping around the floor going "ugh, why do I have to do that?!" From there, the trend… Continue reading STFU Fridays: Rude Comments