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[Just A Long Post About Laundry]

UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. We need to talk about laundry. I don't know about you guys, but laundry is probably going to be the thing that does me in. Honestly. It's not the cooking, which I loathe and yet find myself spending about three hours a day doing. It's not the cleaning, which - again - I'm not… Continue reading [Just A Long Post About Laundry]

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I Think I’m A Pinterest Mom

Counting the Deviled Egg Disaster of Easter 2015 as the recent (and glaring) exception, I think I'm a Pinterest Mom. And even so, the Deviled Egg Disaster of Easter 2015 was inspired by the famed pin site. It was like Night of the Living Dead meets a traditional, holiday appetizer. When my husband said that the only… Continue reading I Think I’m A Pinterest Mom


Mr. Man-Panties

I am in no way attempting to wage any mom-dad-husband-wife-bloggie wars here. In fact, I don't really even know much about the blog that inspired this post: The Daddy Files. It would be terribly unfair for me to take a blog of his and pick it apart without knowing much about him, his intentions, and… Continue reading Mr. Man-Panties


Why I Could Never Be a Golddigger

Note, this blogpost is not titled "why I don't think it's right to be a golddigger;" or "why I would never be a golddigger." It's Why I Could Never Be a Golddigger, which I'll get to in just a minute. Why I do think it's right to be a golddigger, quite simply put is because golddiggers get shit… Continue reading Why I Could Never Be a Golddigger


Top 6 Reasons Your Hubs Ain’t All That

Multiple times during the week, now, I am woken by some sort of tragic event going on in my bed. Sometimes it's my husband spreading out like the entire California King is needed to fan all of his parts - pushing me to the small edge on my side of the bed. Other times he… Continue reading Top 6 Reasons Your Hubs Ain’t All That


My Menstrual Hut

Yes, I am going there faithful blog followers. If you are a man easily turned off by all things feminine, get over it - this isn't about stuff like uteruses and tampon tips. And this most certainly is not a series of gripes about being a woman. A few days ago I was perusing the… Continue reading My Menstrual Hut


Things a Married Man Should Never Say… his wife. I'm sure this is going to be filed under the "reasons we hate Heather"-file as far as the in-laws are concerned (although I am fairly certain they don't read this blog... they are far too busy listening to Hello Kitty Toaster tell stories about looking at herself in the mirror, or engorging… Continue reading Things a Married Man Should Never Say…