Writer, Second

Humor, satire, and social commentary are among my favorite forms to write. I also, however, am a technical writer, specializing in cover letter and fact-based research essays.

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What people are saying about my satirical works:

I recommend this book to both men and women for a good laugh, although it certainly is written by a woman from a woman’s point of view. Don’t buy it if you are offended by “bad” language or “gross” descriptions of, among other things, bodily fluids. Assuming you are not offended by such things, I can guarantee that you will laugh your way through this book. Even the writing style is irreverent in that it doesn’t follow the rules set out by creative writing gurus and college courses on writing. It is one woman’s humorous reaction to the every day issues presented by parenting, home schooling and being a stay-at-home mom and wife. Many women will definitely relate and probably are thinking many of the thoughts that Heather Schmidt has had the courage to put into print. I commend both her audacity and her courage. It’s not great literature, but I’m quite sure she did not intend it to be. I loved the book.

I’m not a mom. Or even a wife. But Heather Christena Schmidt gave me an insight into my frazzled (but lovable) mother that I never understood. We all start out sweet and innocent and there’s a point where the naivete comes off and it’s time to buck up and accept the s*** or throw it back. Heather throws it back in the most amusing and sassypants way. Much like my own mother did when I was a tiny human. (OK, and still does). If you dig profanity, discussions about balls and vaginas, and an honest look at the life of a wife and mother, read this book. Some definite laugh out loud moments combined with thought-provoking discussion in a quick, fun read is exactly what I needed.

Heather Schmidt curses, a lot! It happens when you have kids and a husband demanding so much of your time and life force. As a man, I wanted to root for her husband Nick, as I thought he was a victim, but it turns out he may actually deserve the hilarious messages he gets on his brown lunch bags. …I read the book while lounging on the couch one night and laughed out loud several times. I’m not an easy person to make laugh like that, so I’m positive you’ll laugh as well, and who doesn’t like to laugh?

“I was gifted the opportunity to read this book ahead of time and I am VERY glad for this! The book is hilarious, Heather Schmidt goes above and beyond with humor. I couldn’t ask for a better read. Pick this up today, you won’t regret it! My Wife’s a Bitch”